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Kim - October 25

I had s_x on the 1st and i got my period a week later on the 8th...that was the 1st time that i had s_x and he broke my hymen. We used a condom and he didnt c_m and we're pretty sure the condom didnt break. The problem is ever since he had s_x with me, i havent ovulated yet, but i got my period. I usually start ovulating a couple days after my period, but why is it taking so long?


Viv - October 25

My guess is that the experience was enough of a shock that your bod has decided to skip a cycle. If you are concerned about getting pregnant you should be using two types of birth control together; condom plus pill or spermicide.


Nick - October 25

Kim-How do you know that you have not ovulated yet?


Kim - October 25

I know b/c i'm slimy wet down there.


Kim - October 25

*not slimy wet...thanks


Kim - October 26

Does this mean i'll miss my next period too or just my ovulation cycle? thanks!


Viv - October 26

You have to ovulate in order to get your period. Watch your mucus. When it eventually does give the sign, keep him at arms length. Expect AF two weeks later.


Kim - October 26

so will i get my period? or will it just be delayed? or will the mucus start coming soon? thanks again


Kim - October 26

whats af also? And doesnt sperm live up to like 5 days in the body? oh and what sign--that im pregnant? thanks!


Kim - October 26

Sorry one more thing...right after (the same night that i had s_x)i i didnt have any mucus just like i dont now...just thought i would mention that...


K - October 26

I don't know anything about this. But what Viv was saying is that you won't get a period if you don't ovulate.If you aren't pregnant, then you will ovulate eventually and will get a period. Sperm can live up to five days in the body,but I would say if you used protection it is unlikely that you are pregnant. but still possible. like Viv said doubling up on the protection is the best idea.It's hard to say what the signs of being pregnant are because it's different for every woman. Some common ones are crampiness as if a prd is going to start, sore b___sts, darkening and/or widening areolas, you may feel bloated, being extremely tired is really common, also either increase or decrease in appet_te, usually a decrease and you may also have morning sickness or nausea frequently.Hope that helps


Viv - October 27

I'm glad you keep track of what your body is doing. It is good that you did not have ovulation mucus when you had s_x. I have a young friend who went through exactly the same phenomenon the first time she had s_x. She did not realize her period was delayed the next month (nor did she know that mucus signals ovulation) and she got pregnant the second time she had s_x. Just be patient and wait for signs of ovulation again, and then prepare for your period two weeks later. Visit my fertility page at


Kim - October 27

sorry...i mean i stopped ovulating soon after he broke my hymen for some reason and i stopped ovulating up until my period and im still not ovulating. thanks!



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