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Tamika - January 1

Hi i am a 15 year old girl and me and boyfriend had s_x on december 29 with a condom but i believe it came off when he ejaculated and i would like to know am i pregnant? My period should be coming on the 2nd of January 05 or on the 4th if it doesnt come does it mean im pregnant? If i am can i get a abortion without my mom knowing she would kill me if i am pregnant i will never i s_x again i know i messed up and now i have consequences i live in renton are there any nearby clinics so i can get an free abortion or emergency contraceptives Please Help!!!!!!!!!!


Sal - January 1

I'm pretty sure that she will find out. If you aren't ready for the resposibility of a child, then you probably shouldn't have s_x...protected or otherwise! I am a young mother too, but I wouldn't have dreamed of having s_x at 15. Reguardless of my feelings, I really hope that it works out for you. I'm pretty sure that it is too early to tell though. Wait it out...If your period is a week or two late, then go to your local planned parenthood office and weigh your options...


pammy - January 1

All I have to say is NO 15 year old has any business having s_x AT ALL, learn to keep your legs closed!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - January 2

S_x a week before your expected period is not in your fertile window (ovulation is 14 days before period, and the egg only lasts 24 hours). It is unlikely that you will be pregnant, though if this was your first s_xual experience it may delay your period. Emergency contraception works only in the first 72 hours after the accident - too late for that. You need to call 1-800-230-PLAN to find out where Planned Parenthood's nearest clinic is. They can give you advice on pregnancy tests, contraception and abortion. Your County Health Department will also give you reproductive advice, as will your school nurse.



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