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nikki - January 6

Ok, here are my symptoms/signs of pregnancy...I have been throwing up, had headaches, my br___t are swollen, I have been sleeping A LOT, a week ago I had to pee often, but it wasn't a lot and now I am running to the bathroom every five mins. AF isn't due for another 5 days, it seems like it is too early to have signs of pregnancy, but my last period was really light and different than normal. Could that mean I was pregnant from last month or could it just be the hormones in my body changing? (I am 21 and I feel like I hit puberty) Please help, I am driving myself crazy and I don't go to the doctor until next week. Thank you for your time!


Grandpa Viv - January 6

Hmm, the theory of having been pregnant a while already has some merit. Alternatively, the light period was a precursor to ovulating several days early this month. If you ovulated Day 10 you could start getting signs Day 15. Other than giving you a check-up next week, the doc is not likely to throw any more light on the subject than will a home test. Good luck!


nikki - January 7

When should I go to the doctor to find out?


kat - January 7

nikki im in a simular situation,ive had 2 lighter and shorter periods,and symptoms and im thinking im like 8wks with a neg test though,im going to wait til my next period is due then go to the doctors if necessary.


nikki - January 8

I am either 6 weeks or 3 weeks, if I am pregnant... I have taken 3 tests(neg.), but they were at night. I get so anxious to take them!! The next one I take is going to be in the morning though... I thought I was pregnant last month, but I think I took those 2 tests too early. I do not know when to take a test... The package says as early as your missed period, but I did not miss a period, only had a very light/short one. I may be pregnant from last month so I have to wait till I miss it too...Good luck!:)


kat - January 8

maybe we just dont have enough hcg yet,im so conviced i am coz of the abnormal periods,i find it hard to believe that suddenly as im ttc that my cycle would change,unless im pregnant! good luck and keep me posted!


nikki - January 10

I feel the same way. I will keep you posted! Keep me posted too!!!:)



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