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Hannah - January 17

I have always had rather irregular periods. However, for the last year, I have had a period every month (40 day cycle.) My last period started on Nov. 19th and I have not had a period since. I am getting very worried that I might be pregnant...almost two months since my last period. We use male condoms and none have broke or slipped off. I took three pregnancy tests and they all came back negative. I have no signs of pregnancy except for feeling extremely bloated and I feel like I am looking fatter (could be my imagination.) Could I possibly be pregnant?


{JAZMINE MOMMY} - January 17

I'm having the same problem...can someone help us out here??


Tara - January 17

If you are sure about the protection you used then your bloating could be do to bthe fatc that you have not had a period in so long. But then again nothing is 100%...there have been postings on this site that a person happened to be pregnant but the tests didn't how for a few months. the bets thing to do now would be to get a blood test done...those are more accurate.


Jory - January 17

The same thing happened to me last August/September. I went to my OB/GYN and he said I skipped a period and then my hormones were screwed up and didn't know what to do, so he put me on prometrium (natural progesterone) that won't hurt if you are pg by chance. YOu take it for 5 days then after you quit, your body should sense it and you have a period, that is what happened for me. I thought i was, and he was sure I wasn't, he was right!!!


Hannah - January 17

Thank you so much for your advice. I am trying not to stress out so much and relax so that hopefully my body will get back into the swing of things.


Hannah - January 25

Okay, so my bloating is gone and I ovulated around the 19th of January. Last night I noticed that I had a small amount of discharge that was thicker than ovulation and had more color (cream) to it than ovulation. TMI! Sorry! What is this? I really don't think I am pregnant b/c I think I would be having more symptoms by now. Do you think this is pregnancy discharge or just regular discharge? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hannah - January 25

Does anyone have ANY ideas??? I would really appreciate some input.



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