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Genuine - January 28

Hello, My name is Genuine, and I'm 15 years old. I have been have s_xual intercourse with someone I know. He m____eed to the side and released. I grabed his p__s to make sure it wasn't wet from when he released. Then, five minutes later we had s_x, but he didn't release in me. The reason I'm worried is because what if there was still some sperm cells on his p__s. Could I be Pregnant and what are all the signs that I need to look for? Please if there is anyone out there that can help me with this question I would be so thankful.


no - January 28



B'Lana - January 28

Genuine, Actually, there is something to worry... as I learned recently on personal experience... it is possible that after ejackulation there are still some sperm left in his tube and unless he peed or waited like... 7 hours it can come out with prec_m... though you say he didn't c_m in you, that does not mean he did not prec_m... If that happened, those left over sperm come out w/ prec_m liquid and... if they are lucky they get to their destination. So, next thing you need to figure out, when is your ovulation time... usually 10-14 days after the last day of period, if it was within that time-there is a possibility... I am not going to preach you about birthcontrol (I hate it myself), but pullout method is not a good one as I learn now :). As to things you need to be looking for- your period. However, if you start looking for things you are going to stress yourself out and make symptoms in your head perhaps. So, if your period is late- test! get an 1st response 3 pack and test after your period is late to ease your mind.


Mallory - February 3

Are there any signs that point that you may be preg? Like late period, nausea, cramps...anything like that? If there are any of these...I would test to see.


rebecca - February 3

its not very likely the sperm cells would probably already be dead


Baby gurl - February 3

I am 19 and am scard I might not be able to get pregnant. I don't think i ovulating how will i know.


B'Lana - February 3

Honey, you need to visit gyno and they'll tell you, unless you are in the business of TTC you would never know about ovulation ;) If you get your period, you probably ovulate :) You are fine, but if you want to check it out- go to a gynocologist and they will do ultrasound- that's the way they diagnosted me we ovulating out of both overies=fraternal twins.


S Lynne - February 4

Hey there sweetie! I learned recently that if a man ejaculates and you have s_x with him less than an hour later, chances of pregnancy are higher because there could be "left over sperm" from the previous ejaculation. The pull-out method is unreliable... because of the self control of a lot of men. (A true fact is that some men don't even realize when they are about to come, so when they do, it's too late.) Also, even if a man doesn't release inside of you and does have the self control to pull out, there is always that "pre-c_m" that slips out before the major ejaculation that can get you pregnant. Just watch for the signs and symptoms of pregnancy -- tender, fuller b___sts, extra fatigue, headaches, heartburn, nausea, and other signs that can be learned about on this site. Also watch for your period. Good luck with everything =)


lilhan - February 4

hi genuine, a lot of people won't get pregnancy symptoms til their at least 6 or 7 weeks! Men produce prec_m, which is fluid that comes out his p___s when aroused, this can contain sperm and stis. If it were me i would of popped along to yr dr, for a mornin afta pill, and its confidential. But if its 2 late 4 dat, i would wait an c if ya period c_ms, if not do a test asap or go 2 yr nearest family planning where it is free!


Joey - February 4

Hey I'am 16 and in the same sitution your in.... Hang in there! Me and my girlfeind still dont know yet but everybody gives great advice here... Keep your head up and take good care!


Mary - November 28

i am worried that i could be pregnant. my boyfriend and i were making out and his p___s was inside for about 3 seconds. i got scared and didnt want to do anything so we didnt. although it was a short time there is still a possibility. also, i was on my period at the i at higher risk for being pregnant? please help.


Nikki - November 28

Hey girl,I'm 16 and married and I might be pregnant and my mom keeps telling me to wait.I am having some pregnancy sign's but not if i am or not,so relax cuz that cant make u late if ur stressed.You seem really mature so if the occastion arises take good care of your self and the baby and tell your mother or aunt or grandma or your best friend,Don't keep it to urself.



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