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J-lo1629 - March 21

I think i might be 2 weeks pregnant. My br___ts are very tender and they look bigger and feel heavy. Is this a good time to go to the doctor and check or should i wait 2 more weeks?


MM - March 21

You should wait until you miss your period, so yes, wait 2 more weeks. Good luck!


J-lo1629 - March 21

Thank you for answering my question i really needed the advice. i'm 16 and i'm very scared to be pregnant do you have any advice for me?


Audrey - March 21

J-lo1629- If you suspect you are pregnant, you should 1) start taking pre-natal vitamins that contain folic acid, you can get them in most pharmacies. 2) Stop taking the pill if you are on it and abstain from s_x for now. 3) Eliminate deli meats, soft cheeses, and caffeine from your diet if you can because they can be harmful to a developing baby. Best wishes!


Jena - March 21

when is your period due? or if you don't really know, then when did you last have one? if you are close to getting your period, you could try taking a test, but they are most effective AFTER your period is due - or the day of - good luck, I hope you aren't prego!! (and usually around here, it's the opposite) :) good luck!


motherof20 - March 21

J-lo I'm hear if you need to talk. I was 15 when I got pregnant with my son. He is now a beautiful adult almost 21. I remember all those feelings of being so deathly afraid. Keep me posted. I'll help in any way I can.


Jenn - March 21

I'm here if you need anything. Take an hpt to determine yes or no first. Hang in there. It is frightening. I've been there I know.


J-lo1629 - March 21

motherof20 i just wanted to say thank you very much for your support i really appreciate it very much.


J-lo1629 - March 21

Jenn i wanted to thank you also. i will take a hpt but i guess i'll wait 2 more weeks to make sure. i'm just glad no one judged me. i was so scared that people would write back and say how young i was. but thank you for your support.


J-lo1629 - March 21

Oh yeah i had one more question, if i get sick before i find out if i'm pregnant is it okay for me to take any type of medication and if i can what should i take?


motherof20 - March 21

J-lo - don't ever concern yourself with what other people think - it's what you think of yourself. That's the first step of getting through anything. I'm not sure what you can take. I can find out for you and get back to you tomorrow. Try not to over stress though - that can mess your body and your mind up - and that can make your periods late too. Do you have someone to talk to like your mom or a friend or are you keeping it quiet until you know 100%. Hang in there.


J-lo1629 - March 22

motherof20 I really don't want to talk to anyone about this untill i know for sure. The only person i have to talk to is my boyfriend of 2 years and he is real supportive. He has a good paying job and we live together i'm just scared of becoming a parent, because i still have to go to college and i have so much to do.


tay - March 22

to J-lo1629 , We are all here for you and behind you 100%. Everything will work out for the best.Just make sure to keep us posted and if you need anything let us know ,we will support you and give you all the advice you need.


motherof20 - March 22

J-lo - I understand that you don't want to talk to anyone - believe me. Well talk to us whenever you need to. The only thing I can do is tell you that if you are pregnant and you really want this baby - you can do all those things you want to do. Trust me. It's not easy by any means - but it can be done. I finished HS; went through 4 years of college and worked - you'll be surprised how much you push yourself to achieve your goals every time you look into your childs face - sometimes it makes the goals a little bit easier because you know not only are you doing it for yourself but also for you little one. However, the choice has to be yours. Remember, whatever decision you make - is a life long decision. Just make the best decision for you. I know my son, who has several friends who have become pregnant - they call him for advice because they know he'll come to me and talk to me about it - he tells them they have to do what is right for them but he always tells them - if my mom didn't make the decision that she made, i would not be here talking to you right now. I'll help you through whatever decision you and your boyfriend decide. I'll be here.


J-lo1629 - March 22

motherof20 thank you very much for your support but i know if i'm pregnant i will be able to achive all my goals my boyfriend supports me with everything i do and i know we will make it. Thank you for all your advice and i will keep you posted for sure. it's nice to hear from someone that has already been through this and has accomplished so much.


J-lo1629 - March 22

Hey tay thanks for your support, i'll keep you posted.


HEATHER - March 22




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