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Katie - June 19

I used to have a very regular menstrual cycle(28-30 days) until last year. For past few months, my cycle is getting longer and longer. Period date March 22nd, next period date May 3rd and now since June 18th, I am experiencing very little spotting but no periods flow. What's going on? Beside it, I don't have any other symptoms which confirm a pregnancy. My body temperature today morning was 97.5 deg C. I have not gone for pregnancy test yet. But I don't have ANY symptoms of pregnancy. Please help me. I am worried. What sholud I do?


Grandpa Viv - June 19

That's pretty close to boiling, 97.5 deg C!! Are you thinking you got pregnant the first week of April and you are now close to the end of the first trimester? Hardly likely, with no signs at all. Take a home test to be sure, but look for some other explanation. Goodluck!


Katie - June 20

Oh..oh..oh.. I am sorry..It is 97.5 deg F. (A very big mistake!) Well, I don't think if I got pregnant the first week of April. Because I had my periods on May 3rd. And after that waiting for my periods in June. I don't have any cervical discharge from last few days..almost dry there, no extra hunger, no sore b___sts, no excessive urination, no morning sickness...


Diana - June 20

I didn't get my period last month or this month, I am on Birth Control, but I have a Doctor's appointment on July 1st so I am no longer taking my birth control, I stopped yesterday 6/18/05, am I pregnant, or can I get pregnant like that?


Jen - June 24

I had irregular periods and now I have none. Have you gained weight lately? That is why mine stopped. 2 other possibilities are Thyroid problem and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom which you can take a questionaire to see if you have at You may want to ask your doctor about progesterone also. It is a prescription that replaces the hormone that makes you have a period.


Grandpa Viv - June 24

Diana, for some women the bc pill will cause your periods to stop. If you have quit taking the pill until you are sure you are not pregnant, you need to use condoms or something else. Women do get pregnant when they quit birth control thinking that pregnancy is already established.



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