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confused! - October 7

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for three months. My period was a couple of days late so I had a blood test done. The doctor told me she was confused as my result showed that I was maybe two days pregnant, and when I got home my period came full force. I re-did the blood test (result in a couple of days), but am unsure if there is a possibility of me being pregnant. Anyone have any thoughts or experience about this?


faith - October 7

i have 2 questions. first what does she mean 2 days pregnant? and is that why she was confused? now i'm confused lol. but was your period normal or heavier than usual or anything? maybe it's possible you had a miscarrige. let us know what the results are from the blood test. good luck!!!


kim - October 7

All I know is low HCG levels are only normal in a very early pregnancy, when you have low levels and are a bit farther along it could mean you will miscarry. So maybe you were more than 2 days and the period was a miscarriage. You said it came on full force, does that mean it was heavy??


confused - October 7

Hi Faith, I guess she meant I would be in the very early stages of pregnancy, but that doesn't really work with my predicted ovulation date. My period is normal, with the usual cramping etc. I will keep you posted. Thanks for answering!


confused/christine - October 12

I finally received the results of my second blood test and it came back positive. In the meantime I had my period so I am still rather confused. Of course my family doctor can't see me for two weeks, so I will have to take a hpt to make sure my period wasn't a miscarriage. This is emotionally draining!


rachel - October 12

I've been trying to get pregnant for 3 months as well. However, in Aug I got my appendix out right when I was ovulating. Going under anesthesia my body totally shut down. After that, I had a 49 day cycle and now I am on day 35. I am having cramps but no period yet. I'm hoping, but I don't want my hopes to get too I'm waiting to test. It is frustrating waiting though!


Christine - October 12

Hi Rachel, Kind of a roller coaster isn't it. I am heading back to get a blood test tomorrow, just to make finally know either way. I will think good thoughts for you! Keep me posted.



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