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Choloe - December 16

Hi, I am 22. Last mth(nov) after my period ends, i started having s_x with my bf. That was the first time that i have s_x. He would put on a condom only when he is coming. In other words, we dun have any protection when he was inside of me till he is coming then he puts on a condom. I am never late on my period. Even during exams or when i was stress rushing projects, my periods at most is 1 - 2 days late. Now i am a week late. Yes, I have been exercising recently. But each time does not last more than half an hr. I been feeling rather moody lately. I could actually cry for no serious reason. I do feel that my br___t are tender, though not really very painful. I would like to think that is because my period is coming? Some time last mth after we had s_x, i experienced lower abdomen cramps. When i urinate, i feel cramps after i am almost done with it. Please advise. Thanks!


GL - December 16

ive read that prec_m (which ever man has when the p___s gets erected) a high content of sperm. if your worried test. stress of worring that af is coming or dont coming can also lenghen it . ive had it happen. JUST TEST TO GET OUT THE WORRIES!!! :)


Grandpa Viv - December 16

Your contraceptive practice is no more effective than the pull-out method. The longer he delays putting on the condom, the greater the chance of some sperm leaking out. Late for a period, overly emotional, and untimely b___st tenderness are possible pregnancy signs. Check also for fatigue, upset digestive system, lotion discharge etc. You probably should take a test first pee tomorrow morning and another a week later if the situation has not resolved. Good luck!


Lin - December 16

All you can do is take a test and be more careful next time. Good luck!


choloe - December 18

for the past few days, i have some white discharge.. but very little.. now don't have already. I just took a clear blue test. Turns out negative. I wonder if it is accurate. Past few days i also have some mild cramps, tot my menses is coming but didn't. Have some problems sleeping too. Feeling bloated but still will feel hungry. My stomach feels hard. Should i go and see a doc instead?



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