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seethalakshmi - March 30

Hi Friends, I feel that I am pregnant. Last month(24 Feb) I took clomid(50 mg), I missed my periods(4 weeks, 6 days) now, Something happening in my stomach. So I feel like I am pregnant. My symptoms are missed periods, tender br___ts,Whitish discharge(sometimes) & frequent urination. I checked with hpt(It came negative, ups... That was expired one, So I did not believe that. Also I am scary to check hpt again.). I had s_x with my husband(8, 10,12,14,15,16,17,18,21). We used preseed and after the s_x, he put fertility special pillow underneth. We are trying for baby for the past 2 years. Before marriage, I had regular periods, After marriage, I had irregular periods, When I started using preseed, my periods came to regular for the past one year. So, Can any one please help me? Am I pregnant? Please answer me. Because, I really want a baby. I was upset by every month. Hope this month, I should get that good news. Please Tell me is it possible that I am pregnant. Thanks & Have a great day, Seetha.


Emma2 - March 30

seethalakshmi- try testing with a sensitive test that isn't expired and see what the outcome is. It all sounds promising seeing that you missed your period and you were on clomid. Good Luck.....(p.s. I replied to your post on the other thread as well :) )


seethalakshmi - March 30

Thanks alot Emma2, Your wishes make me happy & fresh. (SMILE)


seethalakshmi - April 3

Hi there, Seetha here. Still I did not get my periods. 39 days(5 weeks, 4 days) now. On Saturday(04/01/06-37th day), I checked with home pregnancy test twice. It came negative. Still I feel that I could be pregnant. What should I do now? What's the next step? Should I need to go to the doctor or Otherwise, Can I wait for one more week? Really I am very confused. Because I am always tired, Larger b___sts & tenderness, missed periods, whitish discharge... So many things give me confusion. So Friends, Please give me some tips. Thanks, Seetha.


Emma2 - April 3

Hi again.....I suggest at this point to go get some blood work done. Sometimes it can take longer for women to show a positive.


corinne - April 3

You should go to your doc and get a blood test done.


seethalakshmi - April 4

Hi, Today I got yellowish & whitish discharge. I did not get this before. Now I am in 5 weeks, 5 days. And also I am having Missed periods,tender & Larger b___sts, Headache, Backache, Feeling tired & Sleepless nights. My tummy is hard & growing(My bras & pants are tight to wear). When I checked with hpt on my 37th day, It came negative. I already said that in my previous message. I will go to consult with Doctor as per your advice. Today's Yellowish discharge give me confusion again. Urine colour is also yellowish. I am drinking lot of water, Still I am thirsty. Friends, Really appreciated your response. Please Give me some ideas whats going on? Pls...... I am very eager to have a baby. If I pregnant, We(Me & My hubby) will be............... verrrrrrrrrrrrr.....y happy. What do you think about my symptoms? Thanks alot, Seetha.


Amber #2 - April 4

Your signs sound very promising but honestly, no one can tell you if you are pregnant unless you take another HPT or get a blood test done. Go buy an HPT today and if it still comes back BFN, I would call your Dr. today and tell him how late you are and beg for a blood test, so you can put your mind at ease! Good luck and keep us posted!


seethalakshmi - April 12

Hi, I got my periods on last Friday(7th April). I don't know why my periods late by 2 weeks, I just want to let you know. I am going to try for baby by this month. Wish us luck. Thanks alot for your support. Seethalakshmi


Lin - April 12

Good luck, Seetha!!!


seethalakshmi - April 13

Hi, I took clomid 50mg this month also(On 3rd day to 7th day of my periods). When should I have s_x with my hubby(Days count like 8th,9th .... like that?) And also, What would you suggest us in baby making process. I am wondering that how some people got their pregnancy without any problems. What we did is 1. We are using preseed lubricant. 2. I took clomid 50mg 3. After s_x, he put fertility pillow underneath for an hour. I don't move after s_x. 4. I checks most fertile day by using ovulation tracker. 5. We eat nutrious food & fruits. We are healthy. 6. Timing, We are having s_x every day. 7. I avoid spices, pickles & some kind of foods. 8. I avoid long drive. I have a question. Can I take folic acid tablet? Can he? Because I took clomid. And also I want to know that what's the procedure in baby making? Please share your ideas. Because We really want a baby. So, Please help me. Thanks for your wishes, Seetha. Expecting your reply.



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