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maremare - April 12

Hi I reeallly need your help. My boyfriend and I have fooled around March 17..(all he did was finger me though) I did nothing to him. I got my period on march 31 (it was preety normal, actually heavier than usual) Is there a possibility of pregnancy? I have been feeling strang lately (no nausea or vomiting though) thanks


Amber #2 - April 12

If you did not have s_x or he did not ejaculate and then finger you with sperm on his hands, then you are not pregnant, as pregnancy cannot occur without sperm. You have had your period and are not experiencing any normal pregnancy signs, so why do you think you are pregnant? Maybe you are just not feeling right because you are coming down with a cold or something. Make an appt. with your regular PCP and tell him how you are feeling. But I'd say you are for sure 100% not pregnant!


Emma2 - April 12

How is it possible to be pregnant wihtout penetration and ejaculation? You had your period which means not pregnant. I would be very very surprised if you were.


Cady - April 12

Um, I find this post particularly alarming. Sweety, how old are you? I really hope you can find an adult to talk to about s_x. Maybe a parent or teacher? Under no circ_mstances could you get pregnant without his sperm which he must first ejaculate from him p___s into your v____a. This is a fact, well unless you undergo In-Utero Fertilization but I digress. Maremare, I hope you find out about s_x and how to prevent pregnancy and about birth control and communicable diseases before you worry yourself anymore. Please! There's a great book called "Our Bodies Ourselves" that might help you. I'm glad you decided to ask your question here, but you really need more information than we could give you! For now, don't worry about being pregnant b/c you can't be given the description of the folling around you did. Good luck to you and go talk to someone.


cloverspot - April 12

You can't get pregnant from fingers, unless there was sperm on his fingers. How bout don't fool around AT ALL until you're married? THEN you wouldn't even have to worry a little.....duh


Lin - April 12

A bit much, don't you think, cloverspot? That's a sure-fire way for a marriage to end in disappointment. S_x is a lot more important to a successful marriage than many like to think. Fooling around before marriage (if getting married even matters at all) is just fine, so long as it's well-protected fooling around. By that, I mean that if there are any bodily fluids touching crucial body parts, then there best be double protection (i.e. use condoms AND the bcp or spermicide). Anyway, maremare, even if he DID have sperm on his hands, it would be highly unlikely anyway. Sperm don't survive for very long outside the body. On top of that, you've had a period. You're in the clear.


Emma2 - April 12

Yeah It's a little much...I mean who actually waits these days until marriage. I would suggest using contraceptive but whatever people do married or not is really their choice.


Emma2 - April 12

Oh and I am not married and pregnant.


maremare - April 13

thanks everyone...maybe i was just being 22 by the way and...yes I am a virgin, so i was a little freaked out. I've heard stories of girls getting preganant by fingering so I was begining to wonder at that point. Thanks again



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