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jules-1 - April 25

I have a question. My period is due to start today and tomorrow. But I took a pregnancy test on Sunday (April 23) and it came back positive. I have taken two more, Monday, Tuesday, and they too are positive. Meanwhile, I have a little bloating and have to go to the bathroom very often. Is it possible to get a positive result so fast? And when does the risk of a chemical pregnancy start to dwindle?


Emma2 - April 25

Oh my goodness woman you are pregnant and the possibility of showing that early is not uncommon or strange!!! you can test 4 days prior to your period!!! congrats


jules-1 - April 25

Should I make an appointment with my Ob-GYN even though my period isn't quite due yet?


jules-1 - April 25

And I also have a little cramping, like my period is coming on.


Emma2 - April 25

youre pregnant I doubt your period is coming and YEs make an apt to meet with your dr.


Emma2 - April 25

normal to have cramps that feel like your period during early pregnancy.


jules-1 - April 25

Thank-you so much for your answers. I'm just nervous because I want to be pregnant. I'm 27, and I've never been pregnant before. To get a positive so early, and have to wait to go to the doctor is STRESSFUL!!! I can hardly concentrate at work.


Amber #2 - April 25

Congratulations Jules!!! You most certainly are pregnant!! The risk of a chemical pregnancy dwindles once the date of AF has pa__sed, however the risk of miscarriage is usually up until 12 weeks. Try not to worry about that though, you don't need any extra stress! Good luck at your Dr. appointment and keep us posted!! :)


Grandpa Viv - April 25

Congratulations on your pregnancy. What a perfect age to start! In many places the docs don't care if you wait until missing a second period before coming in for a check-up, but you should start pre-natal vitamins right away. Good luck!


jules-1 - April 25

I can't believe how supportive everybody is. But, I'm still afraid of getting too excited for fear that AF will start late.


San_dee - April 26

Seriously i had af cramps for both my pregnancies, for you to get 3 positives means your definately pregnant, those test only become positve once it detects the HCG hormone which only a pregnancy creates. CONGRATTS!!!! Enjoy your pregnancy :)


jules-1 - April 26

I have an appointment with my doctor on Friday. What can I expect at that first visit? Will I know by the time I walk out of that office if I'm definitely pregnant? Also, can I drink coffee? I'm really hurting with out my morning coffee.


tish - April 26

coffee is not good for you or the baby when you are pregnant. at my first ob appointment, my doc did a pap, an ultrasound, a urine test and took some blood.


Emma2 - April 26

Jules, have a decaf!


jules-1 - April 27

I still have cramps really badly, like I'm starting period. My pregnancy test is still positive, and I'm two days late. Is that normal?


Emma2 - April 27

Yes it is very normal.


jules-1 - April 27

Emma, Thanks for your advice and answers. Are you pregnant?



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