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preciouzshorti - May 8

ok i'm 17 and i really can't get pregnant right now. my mother is crazy and would literally kill me if she found out. i don't know. i have a lot of questions. i had s_x about a month ago, and then a couple times as late as two weeks ago. i was kinda on my period, well, i'm on the Depo shot so i think it was spotting, i would starting bleeding really heavy every night for about 3 days, but it would stop after about 2 minutes. during like the second day of that i had s_x, and then starting bleeding right after. this morning i had a little brown spotting, and i think its implantation bleeding. is it? i need answers because there is no way that i could get away right now to go buy a pregnancy test. i have had a lot of stomach pain, a lot of br___t pain starting today, and i had a lot of stomach pain and some nausea around 9 this morning when i was in school, but it wasn't that bad, i also had some major brest pain earlier. i have had A LOT of gas problems lately, or maybe it's bloating. my feet got really swollen last night. last time i thought i was pregnant i went to the doctor to get my next Depo shot but i thought that i might be pregnant because of brown spotting for about 2 or 3 days before i went, so i asked for a pregnancy test first. it was negative, but i had only had s_x about 5 or 6 days prior to the test, so i was scared that it might not be accurate. if i was really pregnant, could the baby still be there and growing? do you think i'm pregnant or just sick. the very first time i thought i was pregnant it was actually a sinus infection, and i was gettin nausea everytime i ate something and waking up sick in the middle of the night.


preciouzshorti - May 9

can someone please let me know what u think? i have had A LOT of pain in my pelvic area and in my stomach between last evening and now. i have also had a little bit of pink bleeding earlier today and brown when i wipe.


les22 - May 10

it sounds like side effects of a contraceptive injection. if you have had all of your injections on time then it is very unlikely that you are pregnant


LadyD - May 10

I used to be on depo for three yrs and NEVER bled until I missed my shot and didn't get back on right away. I wound up pg 10 mths later. I tried to get back on a little while after I had my daughter and wouldn't stop bleeding and my hair started falling out, so I stopped the shot. I doubt you are pg as long as you got the shot. You are probably suffering from the side effects. I don't know if you have a $1 store near you, but they sell pg test if you could get around to it.



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