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angela1986 - June 9

Well my periods always are 5 or 6 days long...its been that way almost a year. Then last month i only bled for 2 days...shortly after my boyfriend and i attemped to have s_x but it was severly painful...which also has never i pregnant?


Nell4Him - June 10

painful intercourse could be a number of things. Do you have any unusual discharge? Maybe you have a yeast infection. Unfortunatly, a yeast infection can also be a symptom of pregnancy. I would take an hpt just to be sure. Sorry I'm not much help.


angela1986 - June 14

A couple of days ago i noticed a kind of milky discharge...but i took a test and it said negative. I was also wondering my appet_te lately has been awful...all my usual foods i can't eat...whats going on?


ashleyd - June 14

Did the discharge have an abnormal smell? (like...something bad, rotten, fishy?) if may have an infection...if not, milky discharge can be a sign of pregnancy


angela1986 - June 14

No it really didnt smell like was just milky...i would say it were a infection but i have no so confused


angela1986 - June 14

alright so here's whats going on af comes on the 17th of every month and lasts 5-6 days....last month it was only 2 days about 2 days ago i took a pg test, so confused....ive had a loss of appet_te,dis intrest in foods i usually eat,nausea,slight cramping in lower abdomen,sluggish feeling,urinating frequently,lack of energy,need for more sleep/naps,irritability that comes and goes,any advice would be great!


angela1986 - June 15

So today i went to the bathroom and wiped and there was a pinkish brown a wipe or two now its im not really sure whats going on,any ideas? AF is never here this early!


angela1986 - June 16

Im pretty sure Af decided to come early this month...but im still perplexed about it last month and all the symptoms....last night me and my bf attempted to have s_x again and i about threw up,i could feel it start to come up so we had to stop. Is there still a chance i might be pg?


soimpatient - June 16

Take a test. That is the only way you will no. If you don't believe the test, wait a week and take another one.


Lin - June 16

She already did, and she's not pregnant.


Rhonda - June 16

Might have been to early for the test.Sometimes it takes longer for you to get a bfp.You could have had ib.I would retest.But also i dont think s_x should be painful,i would see a dr just to make sure things are okay.


Pearlflower - June 16

Angela1986...I looked it up for you and found this on -Hope it helps Certain v____al infections such as v____al yeast infections and trichomoniasis are often present without noticeable symptoms. However during s_xual intercourse, the rubbing motion of the p___s against the v____a and genitalia sometimes causes the symptoms of these v____al infections to intensify causing stinging and burning. Genital herpes sores are another frequent cause of pain during s_x. See A Woman's Guide to Vaginal Infections and Vaginitis Vaginal Irritation Many products contain irritants which can cause v____al irritation leading to discomfort or pain during v____al s_xual intercourse. These include: * Any contraceptive foams, creams, or jellies * Allergic reactions to condoms, diaphragms, or latex gloves * Vaginal deodorant sprays * Scented tampons * Deodorant soaps * Laundry detergents in sensitive individuals * Excessive v____al douching Vaginal Dryness Normal v____al lubrication is a given for most women; however, during certain times the v____a may be dry and make v____al penetration painful. Lack of v____al lubrication can be caused by several factors including: o Trying to achieve v____al penetration to fast before enough stimulation has occurred to allow normal v____al lubrication to take place; o Feeling nervous or tense about the s_xual experience can slow down the release of v____al lubrication; o Using a condom may make v____al intercourse difficult without the addition of a v____al lubricant such as AstroGlide, K-Y Jelly, and other products. Saliva is an acceptable for v____al lubrication; however, never use a petroleum-based product such as Vaseline (petroleum products can cause deterioration of condoms and also may create a breeding ground for v____al infections) o Hormonal imbalance during menopause or the years preceding menopause can cause v____al dryness, as can hormonal imbalance following childbirth. This hormonal imbalance is caused by a decrease in normal estrogen levels which can cause the walls of the v____a to become dry. Women experiencing v____al dryness for these reasons should use one of the v____al lubrication methods listed above. Women in menopause with severe v____al dryness should talk to their health care provider about a prescribed estrogen cream to be used v____ally. See: Before You Buy Vaginal Lubricants Vaginal Tightness Occasionally this happens when you feel tense, or are not fully relaxed when penetration occurs. Difficulty penetrating a tight v____a can happen even when v____al lubrication is not a problem. Often, the first few times you engage in s_xual intercourse, the v____a may be tight due to an unstretched hymen and cause pain at the time of penetration. Sometimes a more severe condition called vaginismus is responsible for v____al tightness; women with vaginismus experience strong, involuntary muscle spasms of the v____al muscles during s_xual intercourse or v____al penetration by any object including fingers and tampons. Pain of the C___toris The c___toris is the most sensitive part of the female genitalia. Gentle touching or rubbing of the c___toris is extremely pleasurable for some women, while for others it is unbearably painful. C___toral pain may also occur due to poor hygiene; v____al secretions may collect under the c___toral hood and if not carefully washed away may lead to pain. See: The C___toral Truth Pelvic Pain Occasionally a women will experience pelvic pain upon deep, thrusting penetration. Many conditions may cause this pain including: o Tears in the ligaments that support the uterus (causes include problems during childbirth, inappropriately performed abortion, previous violent s_xual intercourse or rape) o Cervical, uterine, or tubal infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) o Pelvic adhesions (often the result of previous pelvic surgery or PID) o Endometriosis o Ovarian cysts o Uterine Fibroid Tumors See: Pelvic Pain Vulvodynia Vulvodynia is a painful, and often hard to diagnose, chronic condition that causes a burning and/or stinging sensation of the vulva and v____a. See: Vulvodynia Questions and Answers Having s_x should be pleasurable if it's not, tell your partner that you are experiencing pain or discomfort, and see your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment.


angela1986 - June 17

Thanks so much just so confused and having a hard time with all of this,symptoms or not? I just dont know what to do anymore,but the funny thing about the s_x incident is it only happened that one time and we've had s_x numerous times since and no pain....see where im getting to,i went to my gyno last month and other than a rough spoy on my cervix everything checked out fine including the rough spot, so im sure whats going on....but baby dust to all,good luck! Think positive



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