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Lemon - January 17

I had s_x about 11 days ago. We used protection but he came inside the condom. I didn't think anything of it, but I began to grow really worried that I was pregnant. I got my period when I was scheduled to yesterday, but there was only a small brown amount. I went to sleep and woke up the next morning with a rather light amount of blood. It wasnt like a tiny amoutn as before but I've never had a period this light. However I had blood clots(disgusting, sorry I know) and whenever I wipe there seems to be blood inside. My br___ts are sore as well and I'm having mood swings, but I considered those to be part of my period. I haven't taken a test yet because I'm scared. Does it sound like I'm pregnant?


CAROL - January 17

Well, you had s_x, so sure, you COULD be. Was the condom intact after s_x or did it break? For your peace of mind, run out to the store, buy a good pink dye test, and pee on it. No one can say if you are pregnant or not, we can just speculate. BTW, the Dollar Tree has tests for a dollar and I find them to be as reliable as regular expensive tests. Good luck.


Grandpa Viv - January 17

S_x 10 days before your expected period is not considered to be in the fertile window, though exceptions do occur. Did you have s_x closer to New Year? Any wild parties you don't remember all the details? Let's hope you are just having an unusual period. You are not telling of the more typical signs such as tired, peeing, lotion discharge, ga__sy etc. Do a pee test Sat morning first pee to set your mind at ease. Good luck!


Angela Russell - January 18

Today i was supposed to start my period, but i didn't. the last two week s i have been sick to my stomach, i black out when i stand up and my stomach feels like i did a million crunches Is it to early for these signs of pregnancy?


Angela Russell - January 18

Sorry I Meant to leave a question not an answer



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