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rubygala - January 29

I'm supposed to have my period on the 14th-16th, but apparently it's really delayed. I have tested for pregnancy twice. Both turned out negative. My period does not really appear that regular -- it gets delayed for more or less 3 or so days, but I never really missed it for such a long period. A week or so ago, I had brownish spots for 3 days (the kind that I have right before my period), and I have been feeling nautious (sorry for the spelling is that correct?) since then. Right now I feel bloated. My br___ts were sensitive last week, and now they feel full and they hurt the way they do right before my period comes. Also, all of those times, I have been having cramps the whole time. Could I be pregnant even if my tests gave me a negative result?


nikki1 - January 29

You could be pregnant...especially the spotting...You may need to go take a blood test or take another hpt but it should have worked?!?...but I just wanted to let you know that has happened to me b4... I usually have a normal 28 day cycle but sometimes af will take her time, and I feel the same way as you when that happens... Are you ttc? If so I hope you r and if not af could be on her way well gl to whichever it is!!! and i'm sorry i couldn't help too much just wanted to tell you what i went through a couple times...well hope i helped just a little!! :)


Grandpa Viv - January 29

Very occasionally women do not get a positive hpt until way late. It is also possible that the body can't make up its mind for a while whether this one is a keeper or not. My suggestion is to take hpt weekly until missing a second period, then call the doc for a check-up to see what else might be wrong. Good luck!


rubygala - January 30

Thank you nikki and Grandpa Viv for your answers. It really feels so good that I am not the only one feeling these things. It's very new to me. It would be my first pregnancy, if ever. And me and my husband are very excited about it... Once again, thanks!


rubygala - January 30

I got my period today. ;-(



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