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erical - February 16

Okay, so I don't know what is going on, the light bleeding/spotting lasted 4 days (and for most of the days, it was brownish, sorry tmi) and my af usually last 7 days. Now I am having lower back pain mainly on the left side and light cramping on and off on both sides along with heartburn, dizziness/lightheadedness, and a little nausea on and off, stuffy nose and my areolas are getting bigger.Can a cyst cause this, or am I pregnant, anyone have any ideas?


cjone - February 16

Regarding your earlier post, does a pap smear and pelvic exam pick up cysts? I am not sure if cysts cause the symptoms you are describing...but it is not uncommon to have cycles where you bleed less or more than you normally would. Talk to your dr about your concerns.


erical - February 16

Thanks for responding. I have been reading up on it and a pelvic exam should pick up a cyst, but have never had one either so I don't know what is going on.


erical - February 16

One other thing my cramping and back pain seem to happen later in the day. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


crackersforme - February 16

Erical...have you taken a hpt recently? I'm going to retest either tomorrow morning or Sunday morning as I'd be over 2 weeks late then....


erical - February 16

Crackers, I haven't taken a hpt recently. I think I'll just try to get into the doctor this coming week, because of all the cramping and back pain and hopefully I can get an ultra sound and figure out what is going on. If I don't count that spottin/light bleeding as a period, I would be right at 3 weeks late. Good luck with your hpt.


krissy2006 - February 18

Erical, I would bet somethin pretty hefty that the spotting/light bleeding you had was a period. Yes all of your symptoms can be caused by a cyst which puts out excessive hormones, giving you symptoms of pregnancy. BY THE WAY everyone, EVERYONE has cysts. The ovum inside its follicle before you ovulate is a cyst until it is ovulated. During a woman's cycle many follicles begin to mature at the same time. ONE becomes dominant and grows larger than the rest eventually ending in ovulation of that ovum. However in some cases the other follicles continue to grow and grow and end up putting out hormones, causing cramps, backaches, nausea, tingly b___bs, hot flashes etc. The cysts we are talking about are those follicles. So many people correlate "cysts" with cancer or tumors. That ISN'T what they are and NO THEY CANNOT be detected by a pap smear because they are COMPLETELY NORMAL. :)


krissy2006 - February 18

only an ultrasound or sonogram can detect the cysts . . .


Hannah B - February 18

Erical, wouldn't it be easier on you mentally and emotionally to just test today. You are well past your period date. I think with all of us giving you possible hope will make things harder for you if you happen to not be pregnant. I think you should test and let us all know if you are pregnant. A test should show by now.


China - March 12

Erical any news yet? Hi everyone, I am 20 days late from my last af. The first late week I was suddenly tired early, felt really bloated and ate everything on sight. The second week I had slight temperature and an ultrasound where they saw one dominant follicular cyst and one small one . I realize that cysts can mimic the signs of pregnancy. There are also cases where women have regular foll. cysts and get pregnant very normally. I am going crazy though wondering what really is going on. I am going to the gynocologist tomorrow. I also have had a stuffy nose for about a week and a half. Not your regular cold or allergy symptoms, just stuffy. I also have taken up eating papaya which I could not stand the sight of it before.


mgrave - March 13

In Response to China, I have read that while eating Papaya is very nutrient-filled, it also has a natural inducer that can cause premature birth, miscarriage or certain defects. There was something else about it, I cannot remember it all, but I do remember that eating Papaya is only suggested if you eat ripe Papaya. There are instructions on how to figure out whether a Papaya is ripe or not. I just wanted to let you know so you can have a healthy and safe pregnancys!


China - March 13

Thanks Mgrave for the sound advice. I would have never known that. Luckily it was really ripe papaya, but I will just stay away from it from now on. Still no AF today and I had a yearly pap scheduled and they asked me to re- schedule for Thursday. They want to drive me crazy.



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