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iHEARTjoe - March 14

im goin nuts bc my bf is buggin out bc he believes that i m pregnant i dunno tho i havent gotten my period yet which makes it about 8 or 9 days late n i dont feel like im gonna b gettin my period either (usually i get cramps and pms b4 but nothing) my last period was feb 2nd and i did have unprotected s_x with my bf feb 16,17,18,19 but he pulled out every time n yes i kno about pre-***..i took 2 epts over the last couple of days and both came out negative..latly ive been tired alot more then usual and n i m goin pee more im nausus but then again i m always nausus...i dunno im confused i think its all in my head but there is a possibility n if i m pregnant he wants me to get an abortion because right now we cannon financially support a child...but i dont know if i can mentally go through with it.n he knows my opinion on the subject i have a headache..what do u think?? ne input is appreciated thanx


alicia1 - March 14

Are you recently coming off of birth control? That is a possible cause of a change in your cycle. At any rate, i really think you should keep on testing every few days if you don't get a period. Pregnancy does seem likely from what you described. If you are, there are alternatives to abortion and there are many agencies out there to help guide women n this situation find emotional support a well as financial solutions. Remember, finances will change, but don't let ANYONE convince you to make a decision that you'll regret for the rest of your life. You should be more careful in the future. Keep us posted either way for support.


Grandpa Viv - March 14

You had s_x in the fertile window with inadequate protection, you have signs, and you are late. The only reason to think you are not pregnant is that you have not had a positive test. Try again on Saturday first am pee. Your local Planned Parenthood is at 1-800-230-PLAN. Not all life decisions are easy. Try to put yourself in the position of looking back on your whole life and weigh the regrets of bringing a child up in less than optimal circ_mstances versus the regret of having terminated a problem pregnancy. Some women handle it better than others. Good luck!


HeavenisMine - March 14

You may just be, almost anything can cause a missed period these days it seems, but obviously a big cause is pregnancy. Test again later and see, perhaps if your period doesn't show up you can visit a doctor. But if you doubt you could handle an abortion mentally, think about adoption options too. My mother had an abortion at seventeen and even now still carries that sadness with her.


jag2029 - March 14

Do you mind if I ask how old you are and how old your bf are? I had a daughter at 19 and although it was hard and we were not financially ready we both would agree that it was the best thing in the world to happen to us. Honestly it was harder for him to accept than me, but I think that's most guys if they are young. Like Grandpa Viv stated below, you do need to look at the big picture and not just right now and like alicia1 said...there are many other alternatives to having an abortion. You've got tons of support here so definitely let us know what happens!



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