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jennifercanderson - September 25

I am kind of scared- I'm having all sorts of "could be pregnant" symptoms... (1) My br___ts and nipples are REALLY sensitive and sore and hard (I should be wearing extra padding in my bra, so you can't see it, if you know what I mean). I've had 3 children already, but I've never had that, except when I was nursing or weaning from nursing. (2) I've got bad heatburn (but that could also be from things I ate) (3) I've been really tired (but, like I said, I do have 3 children, so that could be why, too). (4) I think I'm a few days late (I'm not really good at keeping track of my period). I don't want to read into too much of this, but I'm freaking out a little. I just didn't know how soon you would have any of those symptoms. I have some pregnancy test strips coming in the mail (I buy them online because it's cheaper)- so before I get them in the mail, I'm just wondering what anyone's opinion is...


sashasmama - September 25

Well, I know that I'm definitely pregnant as soon as I get heartburn ( I NEVER have heartburn) and when I'm tired. I have a toddler so I'm tired already, but the tiredness pregnancy brings is different, it's like - you feel so worn out and just sleepy. I'm used to being tired and I'm sure you are too having 3 kids, so if this kind of tired is different from that, then it might actually be a symptom. I've been prego 3 times, and every time I've had that tired feeling. I've read that a pregnant woman is under as much physical stress as a woman rock climbing, so you can imagine why you feel tired, lol.


sashasmama - September 25

Oh yeah, have you been eating more than usual? I don't really eat much, don't have time to sit down for a meal, but as soon as I get pregnant I start chowing down and get really bad cravings, but then again, it's different for everyone.


hoping 4 A miracle - September 25

I have been dizzy lately and nausiated off and on. My nipples have been extra sensitive as well. The only thing is I have EXTREMELY irregular periods and don't know when to take a HPT. I was wondering if these were pregnancy symptoms, and if so, when should I test since I only get my period two times a year?


Girly1013 - September 25

hey in the same boat as you jennifer. have had alot of th ings that make me think im pregnant...i was taking BC but stopped after my first missed period on august 28th. im currently waiting to get my period, should have it tomorrow but dont k now if the stopping of the pills will affect it. ive tested 3 times negative but the way i figured it out it wouldve been too early to test when i did it, due to the fact that i think imp[lantation bleeding was on september 8th. so confused if anyone has any advice for me please let me know....anything! thanks



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