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Jocelyn80 - October 29

Been trying to get pregnant for about a month now. Thought i was pregnant twice and took 2 pregnancy tests but both came out negative. Now my period was due 2 days ago and it still hasn't arrived. I have mild cramps, headaches on and off, br___ts are alittle tender and swollen, and i have lots of cervical mucus but NO period! I've read that excess cervical mucus could be early signs of pregnancy. I'm planning on taking a pregnancy test in a couple of days. Just checking to see if my period is going to show up. Any suggestions or advice??


ohgeez - October 29

Those all sound like good signs!! I to have been trying for only a month, although am ovulating around now, so I still have to wait a ocuple weeks. did you have s_x around you fertile days? It's just a waiting game now, I've read about a couple girls that didn't test positve for a lot of days after their AF was due.


Rhonda - October 29

Sounds like pregnancy to me.


Grandpa Viv - October 29

Good signs. How about tired, peeing, super ga__sy, appet_te, smells, tastes, acne, runny nose, backache, dizzy and nauseous moments? Try another test this coming weekend first morning pee. Good luck!


Jocelyn80 - October 30

Yes I'm thinking that they're all good signs also. I'm scared to take another test so that's why the longer I wait the less dissappointed I'll be. I keep thinking my period is just going to show up. So I'm going to wait until I'm 5 days late with my period to make sure. Yes my husband and I pretty much had s_x everyday. We wanted to make sure I didn't miss my fertile days.


Jocelyn80 - October 30

Not really unusually tired, however I did have the runny nose, and yes my back does ache from time to time, and yes a little fanit dizzy feeling. Also all night last night while laying in bed I had this achy crampy feeling in my lower abdomen, mainly on the left side. It was kind of annoying. Every once in awhile I'll just start getting crampy feelings. It feels like my period is coming but no bleeding. And my b___sts feeling very swollen and lumpy. I've never felt them feel this way before. VERY LUMPY...what's that mean?



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