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LAUR81 - November 4

My husband and I just started TTC this month. I believe I ovulated on Thursday, October 26th or Friday, October 27th. Anyway, that would make me about 8 or 9 dpo. I took some early pregnancy tests last week and they were negative. Well yesterday, I took two First response's and they both came back faint positives. This morning I took a clear blue digital and it said "pregnant". Still not convinced, tonight I took another first response and again a faint positive. I am not even due for my period until next weekend. Do you think I could actually be pregnant? i dont want to get my hopes up yet.


alape052105 - November 4

If you are getting positives chances are you are pregnant! If so Congratulations!!!


annmarie - November 4

Congratulations!!! You are pregnant!!!! Send some of that baby dust our way!


Grandpa Viv - November 4

Wow! A whole week before your period is sooooooo early to test positive. Congratulations!


LAUR81 - November 5

I am so nervous that I am getting false positives. I read way too much on the internet. Anyway, I promised myself I will not take another test today. I am going to wait until tomorrow morning and test with first morning urine. Do you think it's possible I got 4 false positives?


kdlovesrd - November 5

its common to have a false NEGATIVE but not a false POSITIVE. "A line is a line" - Congrats!


jenn W - November 5 can't get false positives, so You R pregnant!!!! Stop waisting money on tests and call your doctor. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


LAUR81 - November 5

I am such a nervous person by nature that now I have myself worrying that I may miscarry because it's so early to know!!!!!! A blood test will show this early right? Alright I am calling my OB/GYN now.


LAUR81 - November 5

I called the doctor. Soonest appointment I could get was November 29th! Over 3 weeks away! Rediculous. I have already been taking the pre-natal vitamins. I just dont feel like waiting 3 weeks to get the confirmation from doctor.


kdlovesrd - November 5

Make sure to drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, smoking and watch your use of medications (aspirin is not safe & neither is tylenol). Its great that you are already taking your PNV. I've been taking them for about 2 years now and my hair has been growing up a storm! :) Again, Congratulations!! What I would do is to KEEP CALLING YOUR DOC EVERY DAY to see if there is a cancellation. Chances are with the holidays coming up, you MAY have that window of opportunity to get in! :)



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