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hevva - February 23

Hello, I am 8 days late...had all the signs of getting my period but havent! I am normally 2-3 days late. I have also had a few headaches and slight feeling of nausea along with stomach cramps. I have not had taken a test as had a blood test 5 days ago and want to wait till i get those results first. Do you think I could be pregnant?


Jezebel - February 23

well first of all, if you are normally 2-3 days 'late' then youre not really late at all during those cycles, you just have longer cycles than average. theres nothing wrong with that. that being said you still are a couple of days late so if youve already taken a blood test but dont want to take an hpt then all i can say is good luck on your results.


Sandy81 - February 23

Hevva I agree with Jez. Your cycles are just longer which means then you are approximately 5 days late. With that being the case it is possible you are. Did you take the blood work specifically to see if you are or? I am sure the results will be ready fairly soon so good luck and let is know how it goes.


Grandpa Viv - February 23

You should complain to your insurance company about your doctor recommending a blood test before even trying a urine test - trying to make money off her own laboratory - this runs up the cost of health care for everyone. A qualitative blood test at the time your period is due may not be accurate. My suggestion is that you buy a couple of Dollar Store pee tests and run one tomorrow morning first am pee, and the second a week later. hCG hormone doubles every few days. Buy some prenatal vitamins just in case. Good luck!


hevva - February 23

I had a blood test done coz I was feeling really tired and had no energy, it didnt occur to me that I might be pregnant when I had the test. I hope when I get the results it will show an increase in hormone levels and if I still havent got my period then I will take a test. I am a bit reluctant to take a test as if it is positive my bf will freak out.



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