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lolatippy - May 19

i should be starting my period around now but i havent and im really worried. i had s_x last time i was on my period but we were using a condom...but we have also had unprotected s_x but he never went off and every time he has gone off he pulled out could i be pregnant?? the only thing i feel that has been differnt is cramping but not really bad


lolatippy - May 19

o ya and everytime he did go off he was wearing a condom


Naomi98 - May 20

Yes it's possible that you are pregnant - not likely but definitely possible. You can to get pregnant from prec_m. Lots of women on this forum will attest to that. If you've already missed a period you should test.


clindholm - May 20

The pull-out method is not reliable, I would take a test since you are late.


lolatippy - May 20

i took the test and it was it possible that i am late because this is like my first time being s_xually active??


Naomi98 - May 20

Not sure sweetie - I don't know if that would delay a period, but possibly. Our cycles work in mysterious ways! Are you under any stress (apart from the obvious)? That can affect your cycle.


lolatippy - May 21

ya ive been under alot of stress lately because its the end of the school years, and just worrying about grades and ive been really worried bout track b/c im goin to state this coming weekend...could it be because ive been working out alot harder than i ever have??


krissy2006 - May 21

Lolatippy, the fact that you are working out harder than every before probably would indeed impact your ovulation schedule if not stop it all together so that very well could be why you are late. That combined with the stress of the school year ending could also stop ovulation and therefore delay or stop your period from coming as well. While pregnancy is possible from prec_m and you shouldn't rule it out (make sure your next period comes when it is due) it is more likely than not that you are not pregnant. But please, continue to test at least once every two weeks until your period does arrive and if it doesn't and you are still getting negative tests, I suggest you see your gyno to see why your period has not come.



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