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odins_valkyrie - September 21

Ok I've read through tonnes of your question and am having the same type of questions. i have very irregular periods but usually get them at least early in the month sometimes twice , one longer for say 5 days then one shorter for another 3-4 days a week or so later. At my rough estimate I should've gotten something around the 16th. I've been very slightly nauseous at smells, when usually I can smell anything and not worry. Frequently going to the toilet more then usual.Sometimes my stomach feels hard and sometimes it feels softer. No bb's tenderness..but never had that with either of my pregnancies before either. I've taken 3 pregnancy test at home..each one day after the other ( I was excited at the thought cos we've been trying for a while) which all showed up negative, but last time i got pregnant nothing showed up when I tested at 3 months preg. So i thought I wasn't and then found out I was pregnant at 16weeks. I guess I would be about 4-5 weeks if I am. I have had some brown discharge with about one hour yesterday of red..but it stopped as soon as it started and was very light. I have had feelings of being pregnant, but then thought I'm not cos of the discharge and the negatives tests. Perhaps I am hoping too much and imagining the So ladies what do you think..should I go for a blood test and prepare for joy or disappointment..or shall I wait another few days (its been about 5 days since i tested) ..and test again?


^lucy^ - September 21

i would go for a blood test if ur previous pregnancy didnt show on a HPT.. though 5 days should be enough break to test again.. GL and hope u r pregnant :)


Grandpa Viv - September 21

An interesting post on what may be fairly regular and heavy ovulation spotting. I wonder what that is all about. You have enough signs to give cause for hope, and enough bad experience with hpt that you may need an ulatrasound when you miss a second normal period. Meanwhile, prenatal vitamins would be in order. Good luck!


odins_valkyrie - September 21

already been taking the vitamins :) Just really hoping for good news. It will be my husbands first baby and he is excited at the thought and I am obsessively thinking about it 24/7. I know I'm preparing for disappointment. Initially I just worried about the spotting which brought me here to read other women's worries..I think I will hpt again and see what happens. I'll keep you posted and thanks for the this forum. cheers Tanz



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