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kokomo - December 20

Okay. So here is my story. I haven't had my period since October, and I figure it is because of stress from school. But anyways I had unprotected s_x at the end of november, and I took two HPTs a week later but both were negative. Then a week ago I took two more but neither worked. I have been having cramps like Im going to get my period all week but no period, also I have been waking up really hot and sweaty for the past month. Today I got really sick but did not throw up but has some diarrhea. I also have felt extremely bloated and now constipated tonight. I called my gyno and talked to a nurse on the phone and explained my situation and she said she doesnt think Im pregnant, she told me this over the PHONE. I was shocked that she didn't have me come in. I bought a HPT tonight and I plan on taking it right in the morning when I wake up. But what do you think? Could I be pregnant??? I know that some people say us women have intuition and I think that I am pregnant but I am scared I might be wrong. If the test is negative them I am really nervous as to what is actually going on with me!


Renee-Marie - December 20

There are many reasons a woman might not get her period. You should still see your doctor just to confirm you are healthy (regular physician as well as OBGYN) I had a friend who missed her period a few times as well all due to cysts. Best of luck to you.


Grandpa Viv - December 20

If you are pregnant from s_x around Thanksgiving weekend, then a couple of pregnancy tests this weekend and again next weekend will tell the story. Use first morning pee, dip method, Dollar Store cheapies will work fine. Hot flashes going on since before Thanksgiving suggest a pregnancy from s_x in early November, but in that case home tests in early December should have been positive. Maybe you are having a problem with cysts. If you miss two periods you should see a doctor for an explanation, no matter what. Good luck!



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