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Nick - September 11

My period started August 18th and my fertile time was between August 28th through September 1st. My husband and I had s_x every other day during that time. My period is not due until September 15th, which is 5 days away. I have been very tired, sick to my stomache sometimes, headaches, backaches and mild cramps every day. While these all sound like signs of pregnancy, I have not had sore br___ts. Even if I was not pregnant, my br___ts are very sore a week before each period. I have only been off the pill a month and I don't know if this sounds like pregnancy or not. It is so early, but I am getting anxious. Please help!


Viv - September 11

It sounds like you are trying to get pregnant, and there is a fair chance you are. I wouldn't let the lack of sore b___bs slow you down, not with all those other symptoms. But you are going to have to be patient. Don't waste money on hpt until at least you have missed a period. Remember there are plenty of false negatives. As long as the symptoms are there, I would keep hoping.


Nick - September 19

I got my period three days late. I don't think I was late. It was my first month off of the pill and I thought my cycle was 28 days; I guess it is 31. I will know better for this month.


Viv - September 19

Thanks for the feedback. It helps when answering the questions of others. Keep trying! Does the doctor not recommend waiting for 3 months for your cycle to stabilize?


Nick - September 19

I haven't been to the doctor in a year. I will ask him when I go in a couple weeks.


Nick - September 19

I should probably add that I am a teacher so I am trying to plan a spring baby so I can have the summer off.


Sheri - September 19

Waiting after going off the pill is not always the answer. I have 2 children and with both of them my cycle got more screwed up the longer I was off the pill. The doc put me back on the pill for 3 mos. and as soon as I went off again I was PG right away. Good luck. Keep us posted



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