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Caitlin - July 22

I'm 16 and I've been having s_x with my boyfriend who's 17 for almost 8 months now. We went away camping and had unprotected s_x almost every time we got the chance. It's been almost a month now and i havnt goten my period or any signs of it he's worried and so am I, he already had a 16 month old Daughter and isnt ready to have more kids. I have no money to buy a test and no way to get out to get tested without my mom finding out. What should I do?


Shelly - June 18

There is a very good chance that you are pregnant. Go to a health clinic, they will test you for free. If you are pregnant, you will have to talk to your mom about it. It's best to do it early, and not wait 'till it's obvious or she hears it from someone else. Good luck.


Katie - June 30

Yes, you're probably pregnant. Tell your mom you need a dr appt. She's going to notice that you're swelling up like a balloon sooner or later. And if you're going to do grown-up stuff then you have to get used to dealing with your mom like a woman.


Tom - June 30

what Katie said; and... he's got a 16mo old kid and you had unprotected s_x with him? What did you think was going to happen?


Meagan - June 30

Talk to you mom and let her know what happened. It's better to have her help you then for you to try to do it all by yourself.


Michelle - July 6

I guess we all learn through life experiences. I would suggest rethinking his and your maturity levels. He may not be the best catch.


Heidi - July 8

Go to your local heath department. And tell your mom, I know its hard, I had to do it. The heath departments give free test. And can answer any ?s you have.


Jamie - July 22

What everyone else said.... and did he not figure out how he created the first baby? I would have thought at least one of you would have thought to use some sort of birth control. Anyway, you are 16 so most physicians will keep it confidental from your parents unless they think you are going to harm yourself or something. Eventually you are going to have to tell you mom if you are pregnant. I think now would be better than later! Good luck!



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