Am I Pregnant

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My5boys1 - August 16

hello I started having breast pain for a week now I was suppose to start my pmt on Sunday just gone but I started bleeding on Thursday then it stopped on Saturday night started Sunday day then stopped again Sunday night then since just brown spotting well I have taken pregnancy test but negative I am now 3 days over period and my pelvis is big and also my breasts are hurting so bad also headaches and bloatation when is best time to test as I just keep getting negatives all the time also I'm constant feeling nauseas and dizzy 


Grandpa Viv - August 16

Don't start giving up hope until you are two weeks late and still getting negatives 


Smiley123 - August 17

Can someone please help!, I'm trying to conceive and I had unprotected sex in the 25th July and was due my period on the 11th August but it was 4 days late, I then got what I think is my period but it o it laste 2 days! It was quite heavy but after day 2 it was completely fine whereas my period usually lasts 4 days like clockwork. I don't have many symptoms except tiredness and lightheadiness and sometime nauseas but on and off, has anyone else been like this and found out they're pregnant or have any advice please TIA


Grandpa Viv - August 17

Smiley, your sex was timely and the signs are encouraging. Don't worry about the bleed. Run a test to sort it out. 


Smiley123 - August 18

I took a test the day after my short period and it came up negative but do you think it's too soon? If I was pregnant then it would mean I conceived on the 25th July so do you think I should of had a positive by now or not? TIA 


Grandpa Viv - August 18

Smiley, run another test a week after the last. The hormone is supposed to double every few days. 


Worried and stressed - August 19

Last sexual intercouse was on June 27th. Approx 51 or so days ago. Symptoms- missed period, nausea for 3 weeks now (usually in the morning and at night, sometimes in the middle of the day), some cramps, maybe some breast/nipple changes, tiredness/exhaustion, a few headaches. Pregnancy tests- 14,22,30,32,36,37,49,51 days after sex. All negative. Is their still a chance of pregnancy or is the nausea and missed period, etc... being caused by something else?



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