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jessica - February 7

I am 19 and I just began to have s_x. My boyfriend and I did not use anything but he did not finish inside. We have continued to have s_x the same way. I am almost a month late for my period. I have never been regular but never this late. I went out of the country and got sick. I was taking antibiotics. when i got back I got sick again. Then I got my first yeast infection. That was scary. I was told that was because of the antibiotics. Well I am scared I may be pregnant. I took two tests and they were both neg. I have tender/sore br___ts, rare spotting, lower cramping, i am extremely moody, tired, and want to "be" with my boyfriend quite often. I am also gaining a little weight and am hungry!! I have not yet been to the doctor. Waiting for insurance to take effect. Please let me know if this could be anything else!!


bump - February 7

Grandpa Viv? Anybody?


mich - February 7

It is possible to get a false neg. on a preg. test if you've taken it too early. It sounds like you have symptoms of pregnancy-- especially being a month late with your period. I would say go to a "planned parenthood" place. They will give you another pregnancy test for free.


Grandpa Viv - February 7

Withdrawal is not a method of contraception. I wonder if your sicknesses were from pregnancy or Montezuma's revenge? Yeast infections can come from antibiotics, but they also can be facilitated by pregnancy hormones. You have enough signs you should be taking prenatal vitamins (esp. folic acid) and abstaining from alcohol. hCG in the urine builds up steadily in the first trimester. If you haven't taken a test in a week, you should do so. Why don't you go to the Health Department or Planned Parenthood (1-800-230-PLAN) to get checked out. The cost is far less than a doctor.


HoPeFuL - March 8

From everything that i have been through, I would say that you are pregnant. You have a lot of symptoms that are very common with pregnancy. Being late for a month, is usually not a good sign either. I will pray for you. Your body could just be given you false signs. I hope everything turns out! Let us know!



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