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cannemma - June 16

3 weeks ago, that i had unprotected s_x with my fiance. Though he withdrew immediately, I have begun feeling very tired lately and for no aparent reason. I guess it's fear of being pregnant but I'm feeling strange sensations in my lower abdomen. There are still 2 weeks more to go before i have my next period but I am worried sick and wish I hadn't been so stupid as to do it unprotected. Could someone help me please. Should I do a home pregnancy test? Or is it too early?


j. - June 16

what exactly do you mean he withdrew immediately? did he c_m inside you and then pulled out or did he pull out prior to c_mming?


jkly - June 16

I am kind of in the same situation, although I take BC pills and have for like 3 years. I missed a few pills before my last period, and then when I did start it was very light and spotty and only lasted 2 days, which is also very abnormal for me. Then the majority of last week, I was without pills since i had to wait until the following Sunday to start again. The last 5 or 6 days I have been sooo tired, and I have been queasy for 4 or 5 hours every morning. Also, I have had quite a few headaches, which is also abnormal. HPT said negative, as well as the urine test from my Dr., but she said it could still be too early for a urine test to show.... She said sometimes it could take a while to show up in urine, like 5-7 days before your next scheduled period.... So, I am waiting... and its about to drive me nuts


Grandpa Viv - June 18

How long is your cycle?? Have you had some kind of period since this incident? Normally you ovulate 2 weeks before the next period, which by your count would be around now, so it is not possible that you are pregnant from s_x this cycle. If you are pregnant from s_x last cycle, with an in-pregnancy bleed confused with a true period, then a preg test today would likely tell the story. good luck!


mgn - June 18

cannema, i think it is a bit early to test. wait until af is almost due or even better, is late. no need to worry until then. trust me, time will tell! best of luck. jkly, i had a friend who missed ONE pill and got pregnant so it is quite possible. good luck to you as well.


Lin - June 18

Yeah, how long is your cycle? As Grandpa Viv said, if you're due for your period in 2 weeks, then you're probably ovulating sometime around now (which could explain your symptoms). If you had a standard 28-day cycle, then the day you had s_x would have been a week before your period, so you obviously have a very long cycle, right? Or did you really have s_x last the week before your last period?



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