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Amy - April 15

I had my af last week but it was only days, normal bleeding - not heavy but not light pink. It was 7 days late and it seems strange to me. I had normal PMS symptoms few days before af - my br___t was sore and tender, i had a lot of appet_te. And af was just 3 days, which is not normal for me. But now I am worried because my br___ts ar swollen (not much) but without any soreness...And now i have flu - stuffy nose and cough. Last month af was 5 days, which is less - my normal is 6- 7 days. Is it possible to be pregnant or it is something going on with my hormones? Please help.....I am so scared....


Amy - April 15

I missed to say - it was only 3 days long..:)


jen - April 15

im the same my last 2 af have only been 2-3 days, med flow then spotting.. still getting bfn but have all the preggy signs


Audrey - April 15

Amy- Some women have reported cold-like symptoms soon after being pregnant. It happens because the hormones cause changes in the body's mucous membranes (nose and throat included). If you feel that your last period wasn't right, try using a home pregnancy test. Best wishes!


Grandpa Viv - April 15

You were originally due April 1st? Were you exposed about March 18th? The stuffy nose can be a sign (progesterone affects the mucuous membranes) as are heavier b___sts, but you don't have much else. Not unusually tired or ga__sy? It's time to take a home preg test, first pee tomorrow morning. Good luck!


Amy - April 15

Grandpa Viv - yes, I was originally due at april 1-st. But we always use condoms and I was sure that everything is ok. My doubts are about 20-th of february, when we had something, but without having real s_x 9just kissing etc.). i was on BC from 28-th of january (when af getting started) till 6-th february. i stopped taking BC because i felt bad from them. After that I had some bleeding on the 7-th february - it was 3 days long, but i read that it is something normal when you stop taking BC to have some spotting which is not real af. Than i had af on 4-th of march - it was 5 days long, which was less than usual, but according to me it was normal bleeding - was not pink or brown. And I do not have any pgg symptoms. i think that if I am pregnant since 20-th february i would have understad, do I? it is not possible to have pgg symptoms so late....Please help. i had an abortion in december and i think that something is going on with my hormones. Thank you!


Amy - April 15

I've made a test and i was negative. Believe that all my worries are without reason.



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