Am I Pregnant

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kimmy - January 3

for the past 4 days i been having headaches that wont go away. i took medications and it wont help. I have also been throwing up for the past 2 to 3 days. my br___t are sore and my bf notices that they have gotten a bit bigger. i wake up in the morning feeling nauseated. i have been eating more than usual. I use the restroom very often. My last day of my first period was dec. since then i had unprotected s_x. My cycly is 28 days so i counted 28 days from the first day of my last period and so I should get my period on Jan 3. It has not come yet and i have all these pregnancy symptoms. Could i be pregnant? Should I test today or wait a few days an test? I a bit nervous. My bf want to start a family. He says that if im pregnant he's excited and happy. that its great news. Please help..thanks.


Anna - January 3

You might want to wait a week for your period to be late, but there is a good chance you are. Mine is 2 days late and I'm not sure at this point hpw am I going to face this. Scared because we are not in the position to have another child, but if I am P than we will survive. ^_____^ With my first one we were so happy because we wanted to have a child and now I am scared. I don't know how I am going to tell this to my husband. -____-


Kat - January 3

Well it sounds like there is a very good chance. If you don't want to wait, you can try taking a "first Responce Test" being that today is when you are supposed to get your period. This test allows you to test up to 5 days early. It worked for me! Good Luck!


Amy - January 3

kimmy- you sound like me w/my 1st preg. In my opinion it sounds as if you are. I would wait a couple of days to test though if you can wait that long. Good Luck!


kimmy - January 6

thank you for all of your reponses. I went to the doctor today because i was feeling a lot of pains in my lower abdominal. I was bleeding very heavily and feeling worst than ever. The gyno said that I had a miscarriage. My boyfriend and I are sad about it. Once again thank you for you imput.



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