Am I Pregnant And For Who Please Help

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tina - June 24

i think i might be pregnant. i had unprotected s_x on april 9th which was exactly right after my period. around the 17th i was bleeding but it was not my period. then on the 25 my actual period started and i even had the brest pains like normal. the next month in May i started bleeding a couple days before my actual period pains stared and it seemed to be a real period. about a little over a week ago i had unprotected s_x again and now im late but this time it was with someone else. would i more likely be pregnant for the new guy or is it possible that i am almost 3 months pregnant for the first guy. if i am almost 3 months, what would be the signs?? please help.


OMg - June 25

you must dont care about diseases you only care if ur prgnant! what a shame


dagirl - June 25

take a blood test...then you will know forsure


to tina - June 25

Hello. You are not pregnant by the first guy, since you had your period. You could be pregnant by the new guy. Take a test. But why risk getting pregnant, if you aren't sure yet of your s_xual relationship and whether it will turn into love? It seems like you want to experiment still, and if you do you must use protection because as 'omg' said, you could get a disease. Hope things sort themselves out.


don't judge - June 25

to OMg and to tina, there are lots of reasonable scenarios why a woman may have 2 partners in 2 and a half months... maybe she started a new relationship or got back to gether with a former partner! don't be so judgemental when you don't know anything about a person except that they had s_x twice since april 9. shame on you!!!


Audrey - June 25

Tina- Judging by what you're saying you might have become pregnant from the first man, because it is possible to have periods during early pregnancy. Use a home pg test now, if it tells you positive then that is what happened. If it says negative then you'd more likely have become pregnant by the new guy because it's too early now for that to register on a test. If in fact you are 3 months pg you would have had signs like frequent peeing, cramping, tiredness, nausea, and changes in taste. Best of luck!


to tina - June 25

you should treat yourself as if you are pregnant, do a test, see ur dr. if you are pregnant the dr should be able to give you an idea of when you conceived on your first ultrasound. take care of yourself and lean on your friends... goodluck, Tamara.


To 'don't judge' - June 25

From the first 'To Tina'. My issue wasn't whether there are 'reasonable scenarios' or not, or why there are 2 guys. My issue was; Why risk getting pregnant, if you aren't sure of your s_xual r/ship or if you still want to experiment? (Maybe you a__sumed 'experimenting' was a bad thing?) Regardless of whether the second lover is an old love, a new love, or no love at all, he is not a stable love. He is not stable because last month there was somebody else, for whatever reason. Whether you bring a child into the world or not, is a big decision and I think it's best not to risk getting pregnant when the r/ship is not secure. That's all.


JEM - June 25

I thought this board was for encouragement and help facing issues. There is no reason to judge Tina. All she did was ask a question. I think we should answer her question (since that is what this board is for) and leave it at that. I'm sure that if she wanted our opinions she would ask. Tina, I would check with your doctor to see if you are pregnant and then he/she will probably be able to approximate how far along you are.


don't judge - June 25

for "to tina" - i think that people should experiment as they want to with relationships. my problem was that you a__sumed that she was not in a stable relationship and therefor not ready to have a child. LOTS of women raise children without a partner, whether by choice and by necessity and do just fine. i'm sure that tina wouldn't be the first person to do this...



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