Am I Pregnant Crystal S Back With An Other Question

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CRYSTAL S. - April 1

on the 31st, and today. i feel thick c.m. but i go to the bathroom to wipe and nothing is there. is this an other of pregnancy? along with my other post.


crystal s. - April 1

.... something to add.....i'm starting to have little lite sharp pains in my stomache. i'm still leaking fluid from my b___st's still hurt. the pain goes under my arms to my shoulder blades. is that normal?


Grandpa Viv - April 1

Crystal, keep it all in one place. You can't expect folks to look up your other post. Just add your question to whatever is there and it brings it back to the top of the list. Good luck!


crystal s. - April 1

that's rude to tell me how to post my question's. i'm new to this site. i will not be back now. thanks alot for making me feel stupid.


Chriss - April 1

Christal please don't feel stupid or take offense at Grandpa Viv's suggestion. He answers ALOT of questions on this site and is only trying to make things easier for everyone, including you. I'm not really sure how to answer your questions about CM.


don't fret - April 1

I am new to the site too crystal and I would not have known about the bumping thing either. Granted, Mr Viv could have worded his suggestion a bit differently so you didn't feel like he was being rude, but I believe he was genuinely trying to give you an FYI for the future. Things can get misinterpeted when you write them down. Just keep that in mind for next time. :)


crystal s. - April 1

thank you chriss i just wanted help. and someone on an other post said to post new questions, not go under your old one. i posted one question two days ago. then one today. that was all, i didn't do anything annoying. all the woman seem nice. and i was upset that he said something to me out of everyone.i didn't know there were rules.


thanks - April 1




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