Am I Pregnant Or Just Weird Period

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K - February 26

I have been on birth control for 2 years. 3 months ago, however, I missed 3 pills and had unprotected s_x more than once...very irresponsible, I know. My period that month was early of course, but otherwise normal. Last month my period was a day late and lasted only a full day and was a brownish color (sorry for the info) but it wasnt really spotting because I could still use a tampon..i had a small amount for a couple more days. I thought it was because I missed the pills and didn't really think anything about it. This month my "period" was on time but was brownish, not red like usual. The first day it was heavy like a period but every day since then it has been a small amount every now and then...I have had some red though. My question is, is this my period...or am I pregnant? If I could be pregnant, would it show up on a pregnancy test since I am having somewhat of a period? Thanks..any help would be great! If you need any more info I will tell you! I'm so confused!


bump - February 26



Anna - February 26

okay bump im sure most of these wemen are tired of you only sayng that! I know that i am so stop please it is very aggerivting


Coco - February 26

Anna, cool down, i once was like u wondering who was that person writting only bump.Actually the bump is to put the subject on top of the list when no one has read it or it is at the very bottom .A way to reactivate the post,u got it ? sort of bump it up ! I don't know how to explain it but i hope u understood .It is not meant to annoy anybody , just to remind of ppl about the post !


Grandpa Viv - February 27

Sorry that you're only getting procedural stuff in response to your question. The pregnancy test checks hCG in your urine, which is not affected by bleeding that I know of. Surely if you were 3 months pregnant there would be other signs. As to why your period has changed, check the manufacturer's web site. I think you will find that the changes are within normal expectations.



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