Am I Pregnant Are These Smptoms

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XxkittykatxX - July 28

heya, i was wondering if any one could help me or advise me. ive missed y period now for two days, i havent been getting really any symtoms, just belly cramps, ive had constipation and i keep getting hot flushes all the time., also keep getting back aches and feeling a bit more tired than usual. i was wondering if any one would advise me to take pt. cause i dont want to take 1 and it comes back negatve again. please help!!! thanks


baby_patojo - July 29

i think you sohuld wait a lot longer..... that muight just be your period comning, you say your only like 2 days late right? so you might want to wait at least 2 weeks. and retest.


BrendaW - July 29

An early HPT test taken with FMU would be the most accurate way of testing. If you are worried about seeing a negative again maybe wait til you are 4 or 5 days late. The sad thing is early pregnancy symptoms and af symptoms can be pretty similiar. Good Luck!!


beebee2 - July 29

i hope its a bfp for u hun! Im 9dpo. On the 7th dpo I was in a foul mood and was arguing and crying with my finace all day. Then i had a pinching and tugging sensation in my uterus. My b___bs seem bigger but not painful, Im bloated and feeling lathargic and sometimes neuseas. Right now Im feeling neuseas and the cooking downstairs is making me feel queezy. AF is due around the 4th August. I've had no spotting as of yet, but I'm still having cramps and I'm so ga__sy. Took 2 PT, yesterday (I know I know, too early! and one today, both BFN but a nurse pract_tioner took blood from me today to test for my hCG levels. Am I having preg symtoms? answers would be awesome! baby dust to all :-) *************************


Grandpa Viv - July 29

Were you trying to conceive - good exposure? These are promising early signs and different from normal AF. Take a test next weekend using first morning pee, and repeat a week later if needed. Good luck!



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