Am I Pregnant Did I Have A Miscarriage Or What

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hillsl - February 6

The other night, my husband and I had intercourse. I went to sleep afterwards and did not get dressed. The next day I realized there was a huge blood spot on my sheets where I was laying. I hadn't bleed that day we had intercourse or the day after. The next day, (today) I started bleeding again. It's only there when I wipe again. I am not due for my period for a week. I have worn a pad all day and there is still no blood on it. I haven't even had any cramps. What do you think it is?


izechsmama - February 6

a good friend of mine had spotting a few days before her period and it was after intercourse.. and she got her bfp a few days later.. its something she had throughout her whole pregnancy last time... your cervix can get more sensitive and engorged when you are preggo and some women bleed a little bit with intercourse if thats the case... i am not sure of what else can cause this.. this is all i know.. but take a test soon and let us know.. and GL!!


sarahd - February 6

If you're due for your period in a week, and you had unprotected s_x about a week ago, then this could be implantation spotting. Are you ttc?


BrendaW - February 7

A friend of mine just recently found out she was pregnant and has had bleeding after s_x due to the reason izechsmama said


LIN - February 7

You may have ovulated a week early and are experiencing the start of your period.


hillsl - February 10

Well, the next day, Wednesday, I had a little more bleeding. I wore pads all day. I still didn't bleed much though. Only enough to have maybe filled up half of a pad. Thursday, Friday, and today it's only there when I wipe. I appreciate all of your advice. Lin, thanks for your advice, however I don't think that's the case. We have been trying to conceive for 2 years now. I did about 8 cycles of clomid and then stopped. I wasn't ovulating until I started the clomid. When I was on the clomid I could tell I didn't ovulate because I would start my period earlier. Then my blood tests would confirm that I didn't ovulate. Anyways, I started ovulating about the 4th cycle of clomid. I have been off it for 4 months now and have ovulated ever since. So according to my doctor, you will not start early due to ovulating early. It would be due to not ovulating. Which I know is not the case this month.


LIN - February 10

Are you temping or something? That's the only way you could know whether or not you ovulated early.


hillsl - February 10

No I haven't been doing my temps. My doctor never told me to so I didn't think it was necessary. I am just really starting to worry about all this. My husband and I want a little one so bad. He is an only child. I am one of 4 kids (2 are only half). I have a twin sister, and we are the oldest but the only for my dad. My sister has 2 step children and her husband is much older than her so they don't want kids. So pretty much what I am trying to say is this is as much of a big deal to our parents as it is to us. My mom keeps telling me to go to the doctor, but I don't want to go just yet. The only bleeding I have had was just that one day and as little as it was I think it would still be considered spotting. I am not sure though. I would rather wait to pay for my appointment when I know more of what's going on. Either I am pregnant or mother nature decided that since I have never had a small period with minor cramps that now was my time. I have always had major cramping. My doctor had me on medicine for it that still didn't help. There was no easing the cramping. I would have to take the first 2 days of my period off from work it was so bad. This is the very first time for me to have this happen with little bleeding and NO cramps at all. Aother reason I am putting off going t the doctor is because mine retired in December. That's the only OBGYN I have EVER seen. I am scared to go to anyone else. I had been using this one since I was 13 and had my first pelvic exam. I know he was one of the best around my town. I don't really know where to start to get a new doctor.


hillsl - February 10

I am not actually supposed to get my af until Monday. Should I take a test or wait another week to see what happens? Then if I wait. What should I do if I get af on Monday too?


izechsmama - February 10

test test test test!!


hillsl - February 10

Should I wait until morning or would the results be the same as if taking it tonight?


izechsmama - February 10

it depends on the circ_mstances.. i tested after i missed af with ds and i tested just during the normal day and i got my positive...


hillsl - February 10

well my hubby and I bought 2 tests tonight. So I think I will take one in the morning and then another at the end of the week.


LIN - February 11

Good luck!!! I'm a twin, too, by the way (identical). : )


hillsl - February 11

Thanks! We are identical as well. I love her to death. But I want nothing to do with her. I hope that when I do finally have my kids that they never have to feel that way about each other. I never thought I would about mine until she made a comment to my husband that they need to get us to start doing drugs with them so we could all hang out together. That's where I draw the line.


BrendaW - February 11

I would suggest using an early pregnancy test with first morning urine~ This could be nothing or could be implantation. Best of Luck and let us know the results!!


izechsmama - February 11

did you test yet hillsl?



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