Am I Pregnant Is That Why I M Late Or Is It Stress

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jaimmy - February 21

Hey everyone...i'm only 17, yes i know young. I don't know how to figure out weather or not i'm pregnant. I was suppose to start around Feb. 2 and never did? Is it possible to be this late just because I keep thinking/stressing about it? I had alot of s_x threw jan. & only a couple times during feb. (all uprotected &he did nut in me everytime). But I have done this before and I never for pregnant any of the other times...I keep thinking i'm going to start & I think I have cramps? I don't know what to think!! Could I be or is it in my head?


nino3 - February 21

The best way to get that thought out of your head and give you peace of mind is to test. Go get a dollar tree test and that should give you a result. And YES, if you had s_x at the right times, there is a great chance youre pregnant. Good luck to you.


jaimmy - February 21

Even if I have had uprotexted s_x with this same guy many times before and never once pregnant?


babyluv - February 21

if he nutted, you could be preg.


babyluv - February 21

where did the term nut come from anyway?lol


jaimmy - February 21

yahh but hes done it how could i be now? after ALL those times of doing it with the same guy? lol thats what i've always called it.


babyluv - February 21

it doesn't matter if you have done it before and nothing happend. It will eventually happen if you don't use any protection. I would take a pregnancy test and see what it says. The cramping could definately be a sign of pregnancy. I hope everything works out and I would definately use some birth control. Good luck to you.


DownbutnotOUT - February 21

I would have to say stupid luck that you didnt get pregnant before, just because you have had unprotected s_x doesnt mean that your never going to get pregnant. I would take a pregnancy test and get some info on birth control and start taking some right away.


jaimmy - February 21

if i don't start by friday i'll probably just get a test and do it....birth control is out of the question, my parents would be dissappointed in me.


crackersforme - February 21

jaimmy...I responded to your post in the other section...but I also want to let you know that I've never used protection with my current guy & I've been having s_x with him for over a year now with never got pregnant. It just all depends.


jaimmy - February 21

I have a couple more questions...IF i am pregnant i go tanning usually every monday threw friday for 15 mins each day, in tanning beds and use tanning lotion is this ok to keep doing? And i always take Adderall for ADD monday threw friday to, is it ok to take the same medicine consistantly like this? And will either of these to things harm the baby?


sarahd - February 21

jaimmy - don't you think your parents would be more disappointed in you for getting pregnant than just using birth control? Sounds like you definitely need to take a test....


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 21

ok jamie first of all if you cant take BC then use condoms second thing when I had my first child I had never used any form of B/c and it took a few months before I got pregger You might not have been hitting the right time before. Now for your other questions tanning is not good for the baby neither is your ADD medicine. My friend at work had to go off all meds for add when she got preg. It really messed her up. and the doc told me when I got preg. that tanning was not good for the baby but I had already figured that out when I went and pa__sed out from heat so I would take a test ASAP. Stressing over this could cause you to miss your cycle too I know it has happened to me my period would b late till i tested then a day later it would come. Good Luck Ihope it works out the way you want


bernadetteoc - February 21

It is definitely possible to get pregnant at anytime. It could be the other times you weren't at a fertile point in your cycle. It takes couples an average of six months in most cases to get pregnant. You need to be responsible now and take a test ASAP. If you are taking medication it could really hurt a baby if you are pregnant. In my opinion you should tell your parents. They can help you a lot more than you are giving them credit for. Good luck to you.


Hannah B - February 21

Jaimmy, why are you waiting until Friday. You were suppose to start around the beginning of this month and now we are coming up onto the end of the month. I think you should test because you are only delaying the inevitable. I could be wrong, but its my understanding that stress can affect your menstrual cycle during the first half <before ovulation>. Your luteal phase is normally consistent every cycle. I think you should test tomorrow and I hope you don't end up pregnant as it doesn't sound like you really want to be. And just be careful because pregnancy isn't the only thing that you can get.


jaimmy - February 21

Its not that i don't want to be pregnant...I wanted to for awhile but now that all this is going on i don't know what to think. I honestly thought either him or me couldn't have kids because we've had s_x so much without a condom and he has c_m in me so many times before, we've been doing this since probably mid year of 06. And i don't want to feel stupid and this all be in my head..I don't want to know if I am..I keep thinking ok just wait a couple more days and if i don't start i'll take a test but i've been doing that pretty much this whole month, i keep thinking i could start any day now.


ursula - February 21

You need to test. You are considerably late and are doing your baby (if you are PG) an injustice by not taking prenatals. It can easily take most couples a year to conceive so middle of 2006 is not that long at all. If you don't want to have a baby USE PROTECTION! I would suggest you doing this since you are so young and have alot of life ahead of you. You will have plenty of time to have kids in the future.



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