Am I Pregnant Not Very Patient

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mamasnuggers - February 28

I know it is crazy to think that we could get pregnant our first month TTC but my body seems so different this month. Can anybody give me some advice? I had ovulation cramping around the 18th for a little less then 24 hours. I just went off BC pills at the beginning of January and had a completely normal cycle that month right away. Now this month 5 dpo i started to feel cramping again around my right ovary down into my lower abdomen. The pain was not constant but more came and went. The cramping has now lessened but i do constantly feel like I have to urinate and like I have a constant pressure. I also have been suffering from multiple headaches which is not like me and cramping before my period is not common for me. I did take a HPT two days ago even though AF is not due for 4 more days, and got a negative. Anybody have any thoughts on if I am pregnant and got lucky on our first try?? When should I test again?


Annessia - February 28

EXACTLY what I'm going through right now. I ovulated around the 16, and got my normal sore b___bs/cramps for like 24 hours. Then 4 days later I started getting cramps in my pubic area. My uterus feels heavy or something. I'm still getting the cramps all the time along with a lot of back/neck pain and sore, sore, sore b___sts. Like you, I'm not patient at all so I've taken like 3 HPTs and they've all been negative. I know couple of people that have gotten lucky first try. It's not over until AF shows, so keep your hopes up! Keep my posted and good luck to you! :)


seniluv - March 1

It is very possible!! I got pregnant on my first time trying to conceive. Honeymoon baby ;) So good luck! This is my 1st time again trying but for baby #2. I ovulated around Feb 20th. So Im hoping for quick conception again! I hope we are all pregnant this time around! baby dust. Im due for AF on March 6th. To early to test for me. Im going to wait it out. The agony!! lol


HappyAsh - March 3

Any news ladies?


mamasnuggers - March 4

Nothing for me yet....I am due to have my AF today or tomorrow...nothing today! I do have a concern and wondering if any of you can answer it. My husband and I are remodeling our old farmhouse and without thinking we polyurethaned our wood floors and started painting one of the hallways. We didn't even think about it. If I am pregnant how will it affect my baby and at this stage will it hurt it. We have opened the windows and tried to get the house very ventilated. The paint I am not too concerned about because it is the new Refresh Paint by Dutch boy which has barely any fumes but the Polyurethane is pretty strong. Hopefully if I am pregnant we have not done any damage. Do any of you have any positive thoughts for me?? We will see what tomorrow holds for me. What about you other ladies??


mamasnuggers - March 4

This morning I took a HPT and got a faint positive! I am so excited because I used First Response which tends to have more faint positives. I will get a different brand and test again tomorrow morning! :-)


seniluv - March 4

Congrats mamasnuggers!!! I have not tested yet. Im waiting it out.


seniluv - March 5

Hello Ladies!! I just got my ++++++++ Last night!!! AF was due today and I said what the heck....and to my and hubby's surprise it came out positive!!! This is our second we already have DD. But the funny thing is that I have the same DUE DATE as my DD. (I went to the doctors this morning) We are overjoyed!!!! We are so lucky to get pregnant on our first time with both pregnancies. Praying is the key.


Annessia - March 6

Congrats ladies on your BFP's!!!!!!! I'm still experiencing symptoms. My period's about 4 days late now. My nipples are soooo sore and I'm still cramping on and off. I'm going to have to break down and take a test at some point, but at the same time I'm afraid to be disappointed. I keep telling myself that my period's coming so I don't get my hopes up. Does that make any sense? :P


mamasnuggers - March 8

Congrats seniluv!! We should keep talking on one of the other boards....I am also on the November 2010 board alot! Annessia any news yet?? I hope you took the test and got your BFP! Right now we are trying to decide when to tell everybody. I have told 2 close friends because they knew we were TTC, but it is still a secret from our parents until we can tell them this weekend. When are you going to tell?? I have my first doctor's appointment on Thursday!!



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