Am I Pregnant Or Is It Just All In My Head

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girl in Japan - May 25

I wanna be pregnant but maybe I'm just imagining it. My last period started on April 13th, and it's already May 26th, but I don't always have normal periods, sometimes I have periods 28 days apart and sometimes more like six weeks. In college because of stress they were sometimes 2.5 months apart. But lately they've been quite normal and most of the time every 4 weeks. I had lots of unprotected s_x around fertile days last month. And now first the time I have sore br___ts (which I don't get when my periods are just late) and they've been swollen for a while (which only last a few days before my period), and I've been extra tired, maybe have even more cravings than usual, and oily skin and extremely sensitive--like I cried today by just seeing a mother and a baby, and my libido has increased a lot lately too. HOWEVER, I've taken four pregnancy tests at home, all of which have been negative. But I've read online "If your test is negative and your period is late, then you should wait a week before testing again. Some women take 2 to 3 weeks after a missed period before producing a detectable level of the pregnancy hormone. " But I haven't been able to wait that long, so I've been taking a test everyday and keep hoping that the next one is positive. Is it possible that I am one of the women that gets negatives tests and is actually pregnant?? I looked at the sensitivity of the tests I've been taking and they are 50 IU/L so today I bought a more sensitive one of 25IU/L but haven't taken it yet. I'm 22 years old. I've even read that some women take tests at doctor's offices and get negatives when they are actually pregnant, could I be one of them?? Is it too early too be able to see the baby or hear it's heartbeat? It's really driving me nuts...anybody have any thoughts?? I even had the weird idea that maybe since I live in Japan, the pregnancy tests are designed for Japanese women's bodies and so it's not fit for my body like how rice makes me gain weight. I think I'm going crazy...please help. ...and also people use so much abbreviation on this website I can barely figure any of it out....any help??


Emma2 - May 25

Ok first of all, I have to say your comment about tests being designed for Japanese women is sooooooooo ridiculous! The tests work on every HUMAN being the same way.....Pregnancy Hormones does NOT differ because you live in AFRICA or CHINA! Now, Yes, you can be one of the small minority of women who do not show a positive after a p__sed period. There is nothing you can do now but wait a few more days test again !


Grandpa Viv - May 25

Plenty of s_x, period 2 weeks late, unusual sore and larger b___sts, fatigue, emotional, acne change, are all good signs. So are ga__sy, peeing more, lotion discharge and other things. hCG doubles every few days in early pregnancy, going from 2 to 100,000+ IU/L. Keep testing at one week intervals until you miss a second period, then call the doc for a consult. An ultrasound at 8 weeks will see the embryo, a quant_tative blood test will measure hCG exactly, but the hearbeat will not be visible until a month after that. Good luck!



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