Am I Pregnant Or Is It Something Else

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missashley86 - June 10

I had my last period last month on the 8th, it was very light, lighter then usual. i started spotting about two weeks ago (never spotted before), lately i been feeling acid reflux at night and also never had that before, today i had bad diarrea. also feel tired, back really hurts and last night i smelled a variety of things cooking such as cupcakes, popcorn, and steak when there was no one home and nothing cooking. I got a ultrasound done from previous tummy troubles about 2 months ago and found a cyst on my ovary, they told me to get one done in june, which i went last thursday for and i talked to the doctors office yesterday and said the results came back normal. also i went to a walk in clinic a couple days ago on sunday to get a test done and it came back negative, but the doctor said they cant tell for sure until 5 weeks after my last period. i am really stumped on what it could be if i am not pregnant, i am hoping i am but am just looking for more information if anyone can help. thank you


mucks - June 10

hi, I had spotting with my little boy, just a little and more brown in colour. was two weeks after my period and was implatation bleeding. I think it is difficult to take a test so early on as it doesnt show. I bought one of those cheap strip tests and it showed positive so went and bought a clearblue one and it said negative as was too early. but was pregnant. Sounds like some symptoms of early pregnany. not bad though if you are smelling steaks and cupcakes i bet it makes you hungry lol. I was lots more hungry aswell than normal very early on. fingers crossed I hope you get that positive.


Grandpa Viv - June 10

The light period May 9th makes one wonder if you got preg in April, but a recent hpt would have been positive, so we can discount that. I suppose they could have done a recent ultrasound looking for a cyst, and have missed a new pregnancy. Then again, what is a cyst "looking normal?" Does that mean not getting any bigger, but still enough to put out some hormones that mimic pregnancy? I guess you need to take another hpt next weekend, first morning pee, to see if there is anything new. GL!



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