Am I Pregnant Or Just Wishing

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citrouille - October 28

Hi, my hub and I are trying to get preg. We had a lot of s_x around ovulation time but at that time I was feeling ill (think I must have caught something), however weird thing is that I still feel queasy, bloated, tired all the time but then with some insomnia. I have also been feeling light-headed. And, rapidly after time of ovulation, I've had crampy pains in side (lower abdomen) I really hope these are signs that I'm preg, but I don't know! What do you??


Viv - October 28

There's nothing wrong with wishing, and you do have a couple or three signs. No b___st changes? I wonder if the insomnia relates to having to go pee? That would be a good sign. Wait for a week after a missed period before testing, and good luck!


citrouille - October 29

pb about having to go pee is that i've always had to get up in the night to go pee.. I wouldn't notice a change in that unfortunatetly! No significant b___st changes, do you think that's a bad sign?


citrouille - October 29

ok, I'm so impatient to know that I have an appointment for a blood test tomorrow, and I'll have the results Tuesday evening! I am really crossing my fingers, and I hope it's not too early to detect.. wish me luck!!


Ellen - October 29

Hi citrouille - how late is your period? I'm experiencing the same thing but my last period was 6th September - I am due to start on Monday 1st Nov (I am always 28 days in between) but if I dont then I will have missed two periods! How many tests have you done? Ive done at least 10 and had the blood test all say negative - though i have painful b___bs nausea terrible tiredness, very bad moody moments and my clothes are getting tight! You may well be pregnant but I would give it a couple of weeks and then ask for a blood test if you dont get your period.


citrouille - October 29

Ellen - I'm not late I should be getting my period on the 5th or 6th of Nov. I'm doing a blood test tomorrow.. but I don't know if it is too early.. what do you think? Have you seen a doctor about being late?


Ellen - November 2

Hi citrouille - you may well have got your blood test results by now! If they are negative, dont worry, its great fun trying for a baby!!! sorry it took a while to reply (have to wrestle with husband for computer!!!) I hope everythings ok! I am going to see my doctor tonight as it is now 8 weeks and one day since my period! I've got so used to the idea i may be pregnant that i will be disappointed if i am not!!! (still have sore b___bies!) let me know what the outcome is! I will keep you posted too!


citrouille - November 2

Ellen - got the results and they are postive!!! however my hcg level seems low (only 8) .. so I'm a bit worried about that. I'm going to see a doctor as soon as I can. Let me know about your results. I'm crossing my fingers for you!


Dawn - November 2

going through the same thing we have said it in the pa__s that i could be but i have never had this many changes in my body



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