Am I Pregnant Or Not

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Jamie - June 28

My husband and I have been using condoms since December and one broke in the early part of June, about seven days after I started my period. Since then, we have not been using anything because we thought the possibility of pregnancy was pretty high. I am now six days late with my period (which is always a 26-28 day cycle and never late--not even when I was a teenager). I took a urine test at the doctor's office today and it came back negative. I am extremely tired, my br___ts are somewhat sore, and as of yesterday, I'm nauseated at the smell of things I usually like (candles, etc.). Is it possible that I am pregnant? I'm very confused and frustrated. I asked my doctor to order a blood test and she refused telling me that there is no way I'm pregant if the urine test came back negative and "there isn't a real explaination for a late period." Should I accept this answer and just go on? Please help!! Thank you!


Miss E/bbygyrlk - June 28

I was 7 days late, and thought I was pregnant. I took a HPT at day 5 of my missed period because I had all the signs/symptoms, especially the cravings. I am a vegetarian and I started desperately craving meat. However the test was negative. Then when I got my period (7 days late),it was really heavy, but I usually have it for 7 or 8 days and I only had it for 5 days. I still have pregnancy symptoms but I haven't taken another test (they're too expensive). I am a__suming that I am not pregnant, but I think that it is possible that you are pregnant, just wait until you are at least 10 days late and try an Equate hpt(they sell them at Wallmart). If it is negative and you are still concerned, tell your doctor that you still haven't gotten your period and you want a blood test. Remember you are the customer, you have the right to demand any test that you want. Some doctors tend to feel that they know your body better than you, and thats not always the case. Good Luck!! I hope you get the results that you want.



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