Am I Pregnant Or Not I Dont Want To Be

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PK - September 14

h__lo.thank you all for your attention.i am 27 years old and i study in university with my husband and i am not ready to be pregnant at i used pregnancy control pill till last month,i desided to loose my wight and stop to use pill this month(August-september),now i have 6 days delay in my regular period.i dont remember any uncertain situation to make me pregnant,i used natural way of controling this i bought a pregnant test but its usefull from 7th days of delay.if you think i am pregnant or i can do something early to not become pregnant ,please help me.


aly - September 14

I am in the same type of position... Wish I could help.


Viv - September 14

PK. The only way to do something early not to be pregnant is to use Emergency Contraception within 72 hours of failed contraceptive practice. Since you do not know when you might have had a failure, this is not an option. I think from your post you had a period when you came off the pill, then you used natural contraception for Aug 10 / Sep 8 and your Sep 8 period is late by 6 days. If you do not have any symptoms of pregnancy right now, you may be OK. If you do have symptoms of pregnancy, you can use the pregnancy test provided it is the early kind like First Response. Follow the instructions carefully, including using first urine in the morning. These tests may give a false negative. If it does, and you still feel pregnant, go to the clinic and ask for a blood test. If you have pregnancy confirmed, depending on what country you are in, your next option is RU-486. It does not sound as though you are pregnant. You would be complaining of symptoms if you were. Ovulation is quite unpredictable for several months after coming off the pill. Natural birth control is no way a reliable method. If you do not want to be pregnant, use both condoms and foam until your cycle has stabliized. Stay away from your fertile window Day 8 to Day 15 of a regular 28 day cycle.



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