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Bubblez_pbjb - February 18

Hello i'm going threw the same thing. Please Help ASAP. I had my last period on Dec.28 and lasted for about 3 days. About 2 weeks before that i was s_xually active and didn't use a condom.foolishly i did it twice with two different boy around the same time. they did pull out or so i thought. Since then i have yet recieved my period. i'v been feeling like i want to throw up around the afternoon and night time and i'v been having really bad cramps as if i am going to come on. for the past 4 weeks i'v sworn up and down that iwas coming on my period but never did.i took a pregnancy test 2 days ago and it came back neg. Today i woke up and say some light red brown discharge the kind you get when your about to come off your period. i was excited thinking i was comeing on but as the day went on i had no blood just the discharge. as i type this i feel like i'm going to be sick. HELP! could the test be wrong or am i crazy?


ME - February 18

Hi there, i have not been pregnant but am waiting, all i know is that my mother and my friend with there children they took many test and all cam back neg, even the doctor did one and said they were on having a child, but he sant they for a blood test and they both were prenant. So what i would do is going get a blood test.


Grandpa Viv - February 18

Even if you are not pregnant, you probably should see a doc to find out what else might be going on. Good luck!


chriss - February 18

I've never been pregnant either, but I've read alot of stuff and notice alot about my body in the past seven months. If you are stressed, you period might be delayed, and the brown spotting could actually last a few days before your period actually starts (that has happened to me before) You should visit your Doctor for a blood test and if you're not pregnant, think about getting some birth control if you plan on having s_x, you should be protected. The only person you can count on is yourself. So play safe!!



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