Am I Pregnant Or What

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Candise - June 12

I haven't had a normal period since the last week of February. My past four periods have been spotty, coming off and on, and just plain weird. I have never before missed or been unusual in the pas ten years. My br___ts have added two cup sizes and my lower tummy is pouching out now. I have more appet_te lately but all my tests have been negative. We were not trying to get pregnant but would be happy if we were. I have "felt" pregnant since march. If we had been trying to get pregnant, I would think that I was just hopefully wishing but thats not the case. Either way I just want to know. The doctor advised me to go off my BC and now in June I am 3 days early for my period but although it's bright red, its off and on again. I have an ultrasoung July 19th and am fearing the worse. Has anybody else every gone through this?


Sharlene - June 12

Yes I am going thought that right now and I do not know if I am Pregnent or not.


Christy - June 12

I would def. like to know if I am Pregnant I have taken multiple home test... all having a negative result. I have been having cramping in the lower abdomen. My last period was very spotty and a brownish color. I have been overly tired lately and had an increase in my appet_te.Called my doctor this week she said to wait and see if period comes this week. If not to call and make an appt. for a blood test. I would just like to know if I am pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - June 12

Candisee, the BC pill could be responsible for most of what you are experiencing. Make sure you use some other form of birth control until you are sure of your situation. Goodluck!


Jessie V - June 12

I was on BC when I got pg in March. I didn't know I was pg untill the end of April. I got my pd both monthes but took a hpt because my bbs got bigger. I even spotted at the end of May @ the time I should have gotton my pd. Have you taken a hpt yet?


Kimberly-K - June 12

Jessie, you got pregnant while on the pill? Did you miss any or did you just beat the 99% odds!?


Candise - June 13

Its been a little over three weels since my last test, I am going in again this week for both a urine and a blood test and I have an Ultrasound scheduled for July 19th, but my doctors trying to get it bumped up


Jessie V - June 13

I just beat the odds.


KEEKEE - June 13

BC can cause a lot of your changes. When I was on BC, I had every pregnancy sign in the book. BC does that. I hope you get what you want. Baby Dust!!!


Christy - June 13

KeeKee, Are you pregnant or have you ever gotten pregnant when on BC? I have been on BC for about 6 yrs and I have never experienced any of these symptoms before, this is a first. I mean I wld feel bloated and get the usually pms tiredness and munches but nothing like this.



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