Am I Pregnant Please Read

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Anonymous - July 30

Well me and my boyfriend recently just had s_x sunday july 24th. I'm only 17..and it was all in the moment and we didnt use a condom. I took a pregnancy test for that day and it came out negative. The second time we had s_x was 2 days ago, also with no condom..both times i have had s_x with him he withdrew before ejaculation. The same night we had s_x again, this time he didnt ejaculate at all. But during us having s_x i started to bleed pretty badly, so we stopped. The s_x wasnt rough or anything, it was slow. Im really scared because the bleeding hasnt stopped since then, and is still bleeding a bit now. Im really scared..and my doctor told me i might have torn something and hes going to take a pregnancy test for me again on wednesday. Please help..I'm really scared.


Chas - July 30

When was you period due ? You wouldn't know if you were pregnant immediately after having s_x on the 24th, but you could be already... if you don't want a pregnancy, the best thing to do IS use condoms or some type of BC.


anonymous - July 30

My period is irregular, but the last one was almost 2 months ago. I took a pregnancy test yesterday for the 24th. and still to take a test this wednesday for the time i had s_x on the 28th. I'm just really scared about the bleeding..and that it might be an early sign of pregnancy. Since i bled during intercourse and its still bleeding as of today. Can a possibilty be that i have my period right now?


to anonymous - July 30

i think that it could possibly be your period...sometimes having s_x brings your period on. however i think that you are right in making an appointment with your doctor just to be sure. good luck to you! i hope that everything turns out to be ok...which i am sure it is.


michele - July 30

use a condom next time


omg - July 30

you can't get pregnant the day you have s_x and expect to take a preg test and gets results that same day....what is wrong with these kids these days...


Anonymous - July 30

I didn't take a pregnancy test the same day. I took it 4 days after the first time me and my boyfriend had intercourse. My next pregnancy test is on Wednesday for the last day when we had s_x and I started to bleed.


Anonymous - July 30

Thank you all for your support and input about this. It is greatly appreciated.


A mom - July 31

Anonymous, I think you need to understand how your ovulation cycle works and when a woman would most likely become pregnant (noitce I said most likely) That does not mean you can't get pregnant any toher time during the month, however, it is slimmer. But at 17 years old, you should not have to worry about being a mom. You have plenty of time to do that. Live life, go to college, enjoy your friends, be responsible. Being a mom is a great reward and a tremendous responsibility for the rest of your life. Use protection and I hope that for your sake and at this point in your life you are not pregnant.



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