Am I Pregnany Here Are My Symptoms

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MeghanC - April 7

Any answers would be great. I have been off birthcontrol for five months now. My periods were pretty normal until last month. I didn't get my period for 6 weeks and when I did it was really light. We timed my ovulation and have been trying to get pregnant for the past two weeks. About a week ago I started to feel nausus on and off all day, my skin broke out, I have been exhausted, light headed/dizzy, a metal taste in my mouth (my husband said my breath smelled like copper!), I have also had different cramps. I am thinking I am pregnant? Sound right? I took a pregnancy test a few days ago to see if I had been pregnant for a month (just because my period was so weird last month) and it was negative. How long should I wait to take another one/go to the doctor? Do I have to wait a week until after my next period would have been? Should I count four weeks after my last period even though it took me 6 weeks to get it last time?


kim - April 7

They suggest taking a test at weekly intrivals. Hormone levels rise significantly in the first few weeks. I would start counting form the first day of your last period. Go by what your cycles normally would have been in length.


Michelle - April 7

Good Luck to you. I had a very late period and then a light one when it did come. Also spotted brown when I should have had my period. Have veins showing through on b___st. Got dizzy real bad once and just simply "feel pregnant" but so far-nothing is coming up positive except for one but the rest after that were all negative. I think it was an evaporation line. I simply just don't know what to believe. Your body can tell you one thing and get you excited and then NOTHING. Sorry-I hope it works out for you. So far, I am still not sure about me. Only would be 25-26 days preggers though if I am. So who knows-maybe it is too early to tell. Hope you have a new bundle of joy very soon.


Sim Sim - April 7

When I was pregnant I broke out as well and when I took a test it came out negative but about w ekk later it came out possitive. However it was very light I was having a miscarriage. But this is not about me it is about you. You might be pregnant wait another week or so and test again. I know its hard to wait but try.....


to megan c - April 7

i tested + with my daughter when i was ten days late. good luck to you!



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