Am I Really Pregnat

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Apio sylvia - April 28

ive got i white dischage coming out from my private parts 2days after unprotected s_xs,then this was followed by hardening of my nipples aweek after as well as abdominal pain with too much saliva in my mouth.


bella - April 28

Sounds like to me that you are differently pregnant. The best way to really know is the go onto this link and to see the day you had unpretected s_x if you where fertile or infertile. If it is infertile you might now be but your body might be saying you are. And you need to start using condoms if you dont want to be pregnancy but make sure they just done wear one as they can break and make sure the condoms are in date. Hope this helps U


Rainbow - April 28

Hey, good advice to check whether you think it was during your fertile phase or not. The symptoms alone don't really say much, there's no way of knowing right now. I'm not sure if Bella said not to wear 'just one' condom in case it breaks (maybe I mis-read this, sorry) but you should definitely not wear 2 condoms at the same time.


Grandpa Viv - April 28

Two days after is too early for anything to do with pregnancy. Perhaps you saw remains of the s____n. Erect nipples, unusual cramping and excess saliva a week after s_x are possible early pregnancy signs, though fatigue and upset tummy are more common. Take a home test 3 weeks after s_x, 1 week after missing a normal period. Good luck!


Bella - April 30

Well guys thats well and good but using two comdoms at the same time is ok to do. I do it all the time incase one breaks it doesnt do anything and to be honest thats what my now husband use to do before we wanted kids. People think only using one is ok but using too is more safer. And anyone can have the first stages of pregnancy after too days specially if your in the fertile period. I did with my first child. Its all of nolliage i think. take care



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