Am I Showing Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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Jen - December 13

Does anyone know how early is too early to be showing signs/feelings of pregnancy? The first day of my last period was Nov. 24 and my husband and I TTC on Dec. 4, 8, 9, 10 (he was out of town on the 5-7) and I have been so hungry and crampy/nausea today, some mood swings, but I don't have any other symptoms..yet...I start again on the Dec. 21st. Does that sound like I could be pregnant??


Christine - December 13

Sounds like you should of ovulated during the later days...and you have some early symptoms so its a good poss....You probably shouldnt try to test until you have missed your period though...try the day after Christmas. that way if it shows negative, it wont disappoint you on Christmas...good luck..


Lisa - December 14

My husband and I ttc on the almost the same days 5,6,7,8 and I'm due to start on the Dec. 21/22. Here are some symptoms I'm having to pee a lot which has gotten a bit better in the last day or so.My b___sts are swollen, heavy and really hurt . I'm having cramps lower right side. Lower back pain, mood swings etc. I just feels like I'm on my period. So, maybe we're in the same boat. Good luck and post how it turns out or if you have any other symptoms.


Jen - December 15

Lisa, it sounds like we're in the same situation. I have been feeling like I am on my period since Dec. 5 and there have been a couple of times I have felt sharp twinges and a lot of tiredness and dizzyness, not to mention I have been really hungry the past two days. I am going to take an early response pregnancy test on Thursday just for the heck of it...i'll let you know what happens, otherwise I guess we both may not know until after Christmas...oh well.


Lisa - December 15

Hi Jen, I went to the doctor's yesterday afternoon. I started to tell him about my symptoms and he asked if I was pregnant. I didn't even get a chance to get through them all. He decided to do a blood test. I thought it would be to early to test but he said you can test as early as 7 days after ovulation. I'm not keeping my hopes up just in case it comes back negative. I should have the results by Thursday afternoon. I'll let you know how it turns out. Take care.


Jen - December 15

Lisa, That's great Good Luck and please let me know.



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